Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Return

There is nothing so annoying as someone going off to a fabulous other land, having a great time and then having to look at their photos. I am assuming this is true because I went off to France and no one has asked to see my photos. Not one single person. That said all the bunnies survived under the care of my son for  the two weeks I was gone. Now before you get too jealous and snipe about people who just go off to France, let me just say that I've not had the sort of vacation that really was a vacation for almost 30 years. There have been other trips,yes, but they were work related or, in the case of going to Costa Rica with 8th graders, there was much responsibilty involved. Having for a time thought about going to Tibet with Acupuncturists Without Borders, I argued myself out of it becuase of the vast amount of vaccines involved. 180 turn about and in June for two weeks I took a Pastel Drawing workshop in Southern France. It was lead my two friends of mine from back in the day who I'd not spent much time with for a long time....Here are some photos from the first day.

We were picked up by car from the train station in Bezier and on the way to Roujan where our  big house was we had to stop at the blooming poppy field, usually by mid June the poppies are gone, but cooler weather left this blessing to be admired and later drawn. 

A graveyard across from the poppy field yeilded interesting images and textures.

Wandering around Roujan waiting for check in time, half drunk from an afternoon of  sipping the rose of the region everything seems wonderful.

Flat Amelia show off the view from my room.


speedyrabbit said...

sounds wonderful...and I for one want to see lots of photos so share away by all means,but it is good to have you back,xx Rachel

Jade said...

LOVE the pictures--but where's the Frenchman you were supposed to bring home? ;)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely photos, glad you had a wonderful time. And please, feel free to share more photos....

RG said...

I guess BL mentioned you were in France, but I did not know you are back. Show us the pictures ... puleeeezzzeeeee. (And some drawings ....)

(I see the Birdchick also recently went to France - Paris - and had quite a post (and pix) of that experience!)

PJ said...

Oh, we just assumed you would show us. Thanks for sharing, the French really have a way with things, don't they? said...

so glad you had the chance for a REAL vacation. please, show us as many pictures as you can. I dream of France & anytime someone tells me they've gone to visit France I always think that means one day I will get to go too.
; )

Unknown said...

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