Saturday, November 19, 2005

Don't Read While You Eat: Part XIII

Hoping to be alone with Second Sister in order to talk about his ability to disappear at least a part of his body into another place/world/dimension, Little Fish ducked out of Martial Arts practice during some line work on sidekicks. When he arrived at the kitchen Ma Huang was so distracted by the correct presentation of the Dinner of Immortality that she barely acknowledged his presence and soon after left, balancing on one hand a huge tray filled with bowls and dishes. The children were left alone, completely to themselves. Little Fish checked out the window and Second Sister the door. All the same they huddled in the furthest corner by the rice bin and spoke in rapid whispers.
“How did you do it?” Second Sister asked.
“I’m not sure exactly, but I can get there every time I try.”
“Do it now” she insisted.
“I don’t know if we have time, I have a plan and I wanted to tell you about…..”
“No,” she cut him off “show me again.” She half suspected it was a trick.
“Alright, alright.” Little Fish stood, breathed deeply, settled into his legs and sent out a questing hand. Slowly, slowly it searched and then disappeared.
“There you are,” he whispered triumphantly.
“What happens if you put more of you in? What if you put you head in? What would you see?”
“I tried to put my head in, but it wouldn’t go.”
“Wouldn’t go?”
“Wouldn’t go, I think it needs to go with my spine. I’ve gone up to my shoulder, but I didn’t want to go all the way in case I couldn’t get back.”
Second Sister was very excited, “ This might be a way we could leave here and go home.”
“And with me here, I could hold you on this side and you could look around.”
“And maybe between the two of us we could figure out how to get in and out and move around.”
“You know Little Fish, you’re pretty smart for a little brother.”
Little Fish grinned “Exactly.”
Second Sister snorted, she’d set herself up for that one, however they had no time for proper quibbling.
“Shut up and I’ll hold your other hand while you put in more of your body.”
“Let’s see what…” Little Fish collected himself and slowly advanced, then a startled look washed across his face. “I’m being pulled in.” The siblings watched as more and more of the struggling Little Fish’s arm disappeared into thin air.
“Pull me back,” he hissed. Second Sister grabbed his other arm and dug in her heels.

When Ma Huang returned the kitchen was empty. She examined the scuffle marks on the dirt floor, sniffed the air, breathed a sigh of resignation and poured herself a cup of green tea.