Thursday, December 31, 2009

Official Last Post for 2009

Sydney : Rabbits3 wishes everybun the best year yet.

Rabbits3 : Some said we couldn't be friends, we didn't listen.

Tyler : I flop on you, Amelia, I do flop!

Amelia : I prefer to have my ears cleaned, thank you very much.

Fashion Update : Amelia's new design for foot decorations;
front (above) and back (below).

2009, never to return..........

Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 Christmas Day

Partridges have abandoned their posts on the pear trees
and are looking for something proper to eat.

Amelia, speaking for us all, sends best wishes
to the intrepid readers of The Qi Papers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Not now, not here. In Denmark a long time ago; A village called Rungsted where my family stayed while my father was teaching at the university. It was only for a year. I had thought it was forever after, like in fairy tales. It was, for me a fairytale. I was in first grade and at an age when you can pick up languages without a thought. My mother had felt it too much trouble to send me to the English school, located somewhat distantly, so I was popped into the village school. My Danish was sufficient to have friends, go food shopping and do non-technical translations for my father, who claims I wouldn't let him speak Danish in public. I loved my red Danish clogs and I had my own brand new golden (!) bicycle. I ate strange new things like raw egg yolk with sugar (yum!) and sandwiches on black bread with herring and paper thin chocolate. Who would have thought fish and chocolate to be a most excellent combination. I loved the snow and there was a duck pond for skating within walking distance. The house we had was huge, we had taken over the lease from another American family, it was like living in a castle. Part was kept shut off to conserve heat. This was the best part to explore and run through. The road outside dwindled into a forest path that lead to, of all things, a pink manor house with a fountain. Our Christmas tree was lit, not with strings of bulbs, but with actual burning candles. What a delightful hazard.

During the winter I found it exciting to be trundling around in the dark, but the long, cold, darkness was not so kind to my mother, who, at one hysteric historic point, began to throw dishes in the kitchen so she wouldn't have to wash them. My eldest brother went to the University of Louvain in Belgium, he says he nearly froze to death because my parents neglected to send him money for the heating bill. My next eldest brother, who would have been in his last year of High School spent the year in his room, though he says he did a lot of gardening. I never saw him at it. My father still claims the Danes to be the rudest people in the world because they would not speak English when they were around him. Yes, I think I maybe the only one with fond memories of that year away.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Bunday: Girl Talk

Business first, we have a little, err, situation as regards the Food Ball Give-A- Way. You see we had 6 balls and certainly thought we could use just three. However we seem to have lost three of the balls. Very often when it came time to load the balls with pellets I wouldn't be able to find one, so, after much searching I'd open a fresh one. Eventually all six balls were in rotation and I figured as the time drew near to send them off to new homes I'd find them. This was a nice thought but I can't find three of the balls. Rabbits3 are doubtless enjoying my consternation and laughing through they whiskers. Those of you who entered, just hang on and we will work this out......

Other news is that Amelia, always experimental, is growing stripes on her legs and a broader. darker nose. This could be a temperature related phenomenon (like Siamese cats) not just trend setting fur decoration.

She and Sydney are trying very hard to be friends.

Here is an almost snuggle.

A peck on the check.

Happy Solstice

Friday, December 18, 2009

Which is it?

Is it perfect or is it time for a new castle?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Bunday: food ball demos

After reading a post from The Rabbit House, Rabbits3 decided it was time to have more fun with food, plus they want to try out for the BunSoccer League. So, with the aid of my credit card, they purchased some food balls ( actually they are called Snacky Snack balls but we don't put snacks in them...) from HERE. You could think of food balls as a sort of rolling pez dispenser for pellets. The pellets are paced in the ball through a half circle door. At first I left this all the way open so they would get the idea that you have to roll the ball and the pellets drop out. Now that skills are being mastered I close it up to about half way so they have to work a little harder.

Tyler gives a short demo how to demo on how to "nose" the ball.

Why not just have the bowl of pellets? Having read the aforementioned post I did begin to think about this. Firstly, I am entirely guilty of making life easy for the Rabbits3 as far as food goes. Doubtless a habit leftover from my care giving years with Bandit, who required special food at regular intervals. Young healthy buns can take a challenge! Secondly, from a health standpoint it is better for the gut of the rabbit not to be inundated with pellets all at once. As we all know GI Stasis is the number health problem in the rabbit community. Certainly in the wild a rabbit's feeding habit is a here and there sort of affair. Of course we do not have wild rabbits, but their digestive system is basically the same. Plus pellets are not a natural food; nutrient dense they require really very little chewing compared to the amount of chewing required for the same nutrients obtained from grass or foliage, fresh or dried. Just as in humans, digestion starts in the mouth with mixing enzymatic rich saliva with the food to start the process of cellular breakdown (digestion). Are the pellets eaten en masse receiving their required dose of saliva for proper breakdown? This is just me thinking, there is no study on this as far as I know and I could be absolutely full of doots.

Sydney show her technique for extracting pellets from the ball. She calls it "delegation". Amelia calls it something else.

We got three extra balls as give-a-way! To be eligible you need to have a rabbit and you need to let me know in the comments that you want to be in the drawing. Winners will be announced next Bunday.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meanwhile in Winter

Meanwhile back at the ranch, where we have cow share, it is winter too. On California's central coast this means overcast skies when it is not rainy or sunny, and lots of mud and grass.

Birds replace the leaves on the trees.

Somewhat out of season there two new babies.
A calf, Gordon seen here with his mum.

And this is Jocelyn with an arrowhead on her head.

According to the Tong Shu this was a double Pig Day, so I was not surprised to be mobbed by a party of pigs. Here they are practicing for a chorus line.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sydney and Amelia are just hanging out and counting their blessings.
A: I'm not going to be someone's dinner.
S: My family got rescued before we fell into a swimming pool.
A: I have made friends with cement animals.
S: I'm not a cement animal.
A: You are not.
S: And that is a blessing.
A: There is movie made about someone who has my name.
S: There is a city in Australia named after me.
You get the idea. They have been lucky and have pretty good lives. There are some other rabbits that could follow suit, but they need a little help to get there. Please hop over HERE and read about them.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Bunday: Sydney

It has been asked if the Spots have been able to replicate Amelia's work with light. Indeed Sydney has been working on some ideas of her own. Here you can see that she is creating light through her special BunSuperPower and is channelling it through the cement tortoise. Although Sydney is not the most social of the Rabbits3 she has some talents not apparent in the other rabbits. For example she has the warmest, most melting, paws and her breathe seems to penetrate so sweetly into whoever is lucky enough to be near.

Make every day a Bunday, and let it be a good one.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

TriBun Bonding News Flash

Here is the latest hottest story in the bonding of Rabbits3. This morning I woke up to what I supposed was chewing sounds. My sleepy brain thought "Somebun is really going to town on the pellets." Soon the realization crept in that no pellets had been served, therefore somebun had broken into the pellets and served themselves. They would eat themselves silly or sick. Switching on the light I shot my glance around the headboard and saw not a feast but a love fest with Amelia as the center of attention; both Tyler and Sydney were working away at her ears while she tooth purred loud enough to wake the dreaming. Having lost an opportunity yesterday to photograph Sydney grooming Amelia, I grabbed camera and shot as quickly and quietly as I could. As you can see the picture doesn't quite capture Sydney's involvement, you'll have to take my word for that. Despite her apparent recognition of Amelia as a fully accepted element of Rabbits3 Sydney still choose to chase and pull out a bit of fur just 20 minutes later. Sydney is a bun of fiery passions.

Paula a fab photographer from here cleaned up the photo a bit! Thanks for this new look.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Light is Particle, Wave and Rabbit

This week Amelia has been working in the Rabboratory
investigating the different aspects of Light.

Solar activity on white bun fur, ears angled at 45 degrees.

Light wave with a bunparticle bending.

Practicing reflecting light waves and absorbing particles.

In the dark there is a little bit of light and a rabbit.

Everybunny take a bow, you are the star.