Friday, February 27, 2009

Global Art

The 12th graders have  class in which they both assemble a portfolio for college admission (if they need to do that) and do an oil painting  or long term drawing project. This year as a focus we participated in The Memory Project, follow the link to learn more, or be satisfied with knowing it connects orphans in third world countries with US students through the common language of art. Apparently receiving the portraits is a very powerful experience for these children, some of whom have never seen a photo of themselves, it is a sort of right of passage into adulthood. Or at least that is the way it is presented. On our end it, in some small way, makes a real connection with people in a different culture, resulting, perhaps,  in a change in consciousness regarding life on spinning ball of matter we call earth. We worked from photos of the kids, who in all but one case, were from Myanmar (AKA Burma). With instructions to be realistic with the faces, creative with the background and that it was OK to change hairstyles in the case of girls, the 12th graders intrepidly set forth. Lessons learned were that art takes a lot longer than you think and if you talk a lot you won't get a lot done. I attempted to give kind but accurate feed back with emphasis on keeping the faces recognizable........I think they did a pretty good job and I hope their art brings some joy.
Top left : last student done, very busy with portfolio to several different colleges already accepted to the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Top right: this student had been wanting to do oils for years and is now doing an oil painting project for SR. Project Presentation, Valedictorian of class, one of our Chinese students. Lower left: another first timer for oils, although slightly less sophisticated than the other pictures it has a charm and humor which is so like the artist himself, one of our Chinese students. Lower right: Afraid I did this one, the student did not come through with a passable picture (despite my best attempts to intervene), I did this in little than a day, it is water color and colored pencil, we will pretend that a student did it.

Left: so much detail in this one, student lavished attention on the picture, I think the love comes through. Middle: actually from a 10th grader on her own making up for a missed service learning trip, I wished she had been able to spend more time at school with me, but she was just too busy! Right: A new student to the 12th grade did this, she said she hadn't done any art since 4th grade, what are they teaching in schools these days?

Next time: More training with the Spots!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday Bunday: Treat Box

I tried to set up a little display, but Sydney barged in and went straight for the dried roses decorating the soap.

Firstly, we are constantly wishing our bunfriend, Fiona, a swift and thorough recovery from her digestive imbalance. 

Received recently from Nottingham, that's Nottingham as in England like in the Robin Hood stories, received recently from across the seas, a box. In that box was a little something perfect for everyone and everybun. Miss Eve and Neville's bunny slave, YowlYY, sent it to us as a thanks for the the little bun-bonding card I made for the happy couple. Many thanks to our Nottingham friends. Who says art doesn't pay? 

There was much milling around of rabbits, Sydney looking for the soap and Tyler wondering what all the excitement was about.

We got a card with a spotted bun on it; a box of dark chocolates (yum, yum, they are almost gone and the box itself is particularly excellent, I am looking forward to storing my rubber stamps it it), some absolutely wonderful, handmade, Rose geranium, soap, and two eggs of bunny treats (described in the card as "bunny crack" but described on the customs slip as rabbit treats).
Tyler wonders what is in the egg? He seems to remember having to deliver a number of these last Easter. Rabbits are lucky, they only have to work once a year.

 To me the whole rabbit blogosphere seems unique, though I am sure there are parallel blogospheres for other animals and interests, I do feel fortunate to have electronically connected with all my visitors. Such a kind, humorous and talented bunch of bunny slaves,bunnies (and all the rabbits are so photogenic), and rabbit friendly people,  you are! 

After sampling the contents of the egg, just one piece each, the Spots decide not to deliver these particular eggs elsewhere on Easter.

The other day, just to see who was next door in the blogo world, I hit the the "Next Blog" button, and well, Oh my is not as if I don't know such things exist, but I was rather shocked to have that sort of thing going on right next door! Okay back to work. Enjoy the rabbit centered universe.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Around Here




Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Favorite Place

A fine and private place; note: sea grass square and bag for immediate dental satisfaction

Although Tyler and Sydney do a lot of things together, like hang under the table on the double occupancy  snoozy pad, they do have separate interests which they pursue with lagomorphic tenacity. Tyler is quite fond of cardboard, Sydney would rather destroy the back of the couch (or what is left of it). He likes the closet, she prefers the study. Tyler likes, in the mid morning, to be under the bed and chewing anything. This is his space, Sydney rarely joins him.

The usual suspect, or one of them.

 Sometimes during feeding she will hop away and do binks while he is eating. Now how strange is that? Just the other night he was eating the preferred Organic Spring Mix from my hands and she was in the enclosure doing the craziest bun dance, and there really is not a lot of room in there.  Both buns wear their sunglasses all the time, mighty suspicious.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Called up on the Carpet.
Magic Carpet Ride.
Carpet Baggers.
Sweep it Under the Rug.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Spots Watch TV

Sometimes the Spots like to watch TV, depending on what is on. They don't like explosions and loud action flicks or much to Boyfriend's disappointment Tennis (Bandit LOVED Tennis), but documentary or quieter programs will bring them out onto the carpet.

Being unborn or a small tot for some Nixon's shenanigans, I was interested in the early years that formed the president, who in general I don't like, but who essentially brought acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to the US.

 Here they are watching the Nixon documentary that was on the PBS last night. A hay cube snack, just in case a nibble is needed is close at paw. Tyler watches out of one eye, Sydney approaches the matter with one ear up.

The Spots ask what happened to Checkers and were particularly interested in Nixon's skill at Poker which he employed while stationed in the Solomon Islands during WWII. He won several thousand dollars which he sent back to California to fund his next political campaign

Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Bunday

Tyler's ears: always active, speak volumes, perceive noises imperceptible to humans.

Sydney's nose: so black,  so imperious, it cannot be denied.