Friday, July 30, 2010

Open Mic

Down at the rabboratory Friday's entertainment is often open mic. There can be jokes, and songs, the telling of disapproving stories with pantomime is quite popular; there is always a wide variety. Here is Harriet doing her imitation of Amelia.

Look at that swoop! you'd think she was part lop!
Astonishing control of the auricular muscles and nerves.

When Harriet first joined the warren her ears were very straight never to the sides, about 4 weeks ago I noticed that one was distinctly floppy. I even considered that it was injured or she was ill, but she seemed fine in all other ways. These days it is not all odd to see Harriet and Amelia with the similar ear arrangements. Is this a case of rabbits picking up each other's mannerisms? or is Harriet just much more relaxed than she used to be?.....another mystery.

I think we have two Earometer specialists in the house....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Bunday

Amelia and her posse.

The gurlz are still fighting, boxing through the fence and each Saturday one breaks into the other's area and there 's a little scuffle, two weekends ago it was unclear what happened, but Amelia got a bit of a rip on the top of her precious little arm. It's just a flash wound she told me.

Are these mittens or boxing gloves?

If I'm gone for more than an hour I put up a four foot fence.....still for some reason I think one day all fences will come down. Curiously Sydney has a neutral attitude to Harriet, they sniff through the fence and there is no boxing or lunging, potential friends and allies?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Bunday

Here is Amelia in our newest structure known as The Buddha Boudoir. It has since been changed slightly so that the laundry basket cannot entrap the rabbit within.

When it came to choosing who, or rather as my departed mother would correct one to say, to whom to present the give-away print of
Amelia in Her Dream, first and foremost we wanted to be fair. But what is fair? An On-Line dictionary says that fair is "free from favoritism or self interest or bias or deception; conforming with established rules or standards." I didn't establish any rules or standard except no tricks. Now if I did the random number generator, that could be thought of as fair, if you look at it in a vacuum, that is to say all entrants being equal. But often in sports for instance there is the use of handicaps to make things fair. So what if I only considered the people how didn't have one of my prints already, would that be more fair? But what if there was someone who had had a bad day and needed a perk would it be more fair to give them an advantage because they had had some undeserved bad luck?

The space between, there is none.

Luck, Fate and Karma are tricky, why do things happen? sometimes it is quite obvious. For instance did you know I was the cause of my Xhubs hernia? Yes, I did this by serving the Chinese take-out while it was still hot. You see if moving a heavy and extensive record collection and you ask people to help you and you reward these hard workers with nice, nice Chinese Take-out from "the really good place down the street" and if your wife stupidly serves the food, as mentioned before, while it is still hot then the helpers will stop working and you will be carrying the records all by yourself and you will get a hernia. It is her fault for insisting on this adherence to the code of good hosting, not yours for not realizing limitations and common sense. This would be an example of cause and effect. It is also called a red flag, but let's not get into that.

Theme: white toes

The point is, and you've been wondering what it is, I'm sure, is that one of our Bunny Blogger friends has suffered the loss of a bun: Skittles. Small and densely packed with personality Skittles passed on Saturday. So in all fairness we give away the Amelia print to Skittles' family, though it can hardly make up for the loss, it is certainly something to do. Sometimes you just have to do something.

Hug your bunnies and your loved ones of whatever species
and have a great Summer week.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Monday Bunday

As you can see I am under close scrutinity unless they are sleeping or eating.

As you can see Tyler likes to play "Big Bunner Is Watching You", even though he is not so very big.

As you can see they are in charge of everything.
Here Amelia closely examines the newest print, Amelia In Her Dream, for defects and finds a few. It is bigger than I usually work, the paper size is 9.5 by 11 inches and I had trouble controlling it when it was damp, as it has to be for this sort of printing. There are some smudges and inky kisses on many of the prints. There are some that are fairly decent and I put them up for sale in my Etsy shop. $5 from the sale of this print will be donated to our local rabbit rescue organization, Rabbit Haven.

Here is one that really seemed to have too many smudges to sell, but is pretty anyway. If you would like to win it you can enter the drawing by writing the following sentence in the comments "Rabbits Rule The World". A winner will be announced next Bunday, no tricks this time.

Rabbits Rule The World.