Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Bunday; Givin' It Away!

For those of you who entered the Tiger print give-away there is test of skill to be passed. Before I hear a collective "Ahhhhhhh, no fair" let me add that there will be TEN WINNERS!!!! UPDATE: all the prints have been snapped up, thanks for your interest, Happy Tiger Year, what remains and the best is yet to come, to everybody! All you have to do is send your name and mailing address to my Email (banditrabbit at earthlink dot net) and the first ten will get a Year of the Tiger Print. The only restriction is that you need to one of the people who left their name in the previous post.

Tyler's hind legs appear to be above the floor, when I mentioned this to him he pointed out that he was, in fact, The Mystery Spot and that the local tourist attraction had it all wrong.

Often when I am printing there are rabbits supervising. Evidence above and below. I know they look like they are just lying around, but they tell me differently.

Amelia has SUCH a fat tail.....

I have taken to having Harriet's gate open during mealtimes. This lead to one incident when Amelia thought she should go into the Harriet zone, Miss Hare took offense and there was a little scuffle in the lean-to from which they both emerged unscathed. Since then no bun has ventured to the other side, but I think they are getting used to being near each other without the fence. Today Harriet and Amelia have been mirroring each other, laying together closely with the fence between, of course, grooming at the same time that sort of thing. I am SO tempted just to remove the fence and see what happens........

Have a Great Week all you Bunnies and Humans.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Night Special

Be sure to read to the end, there's a give-away you can enter!

Today when I got home from the Farmer's Market I was mugged by two bunnies wearing rabbit masks.

They held me up at bun point and took the green stuff right out of my bag .

A couple of real toughs, as you can tell by the belly of this beast.

I recently participated in a print exchange and much to my surprise produced too many not too bad tiger prints, so I'm giving away 4 (one from each of my lagomorphic supervisors). If you would like to enter the drawing let me know in the comment section. We will pick the winners in a week and the lucky commenters will be announced on Bunday, June 28th.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Catch Up Post

We have been having lots of fun with red clover harvested from my bro's place on top of the mountains. Everybun goes CRAZY for it. I had thought to try to get a picture of each rabbit with a head of clover just at the moment before the tasty purple botanical lollipop disappears in the cute maw of the beast, but it will take a whole season of shots to capture that; the clover disappears too quickly! Next year, next year......

The clover moves so fast between the inward movement and the side to side caused by chewing that it can be mostly a blur......

Tyler rears his head back to control a particularly unruly piece of clover

Nom, nom, nom......

A reader asked to see pictures of the study I had to endure to check my Email while this machine was on vacation in the shop. Lest you think I am a Traitorous Significant Other for publishing these images, you should know that I consider myself more of a Domestic Anthropologist and that I have more or less made my peace with the hoarding, that is to say I am not on his case about it and keep my stuff in a more moderate flux and flow of mess to neat.......

The desk and some book shelves.

As you can see this is the desk. The blue towel keeps the yellow rope tight, the laptop is, as mentioned in the previous post on top of an IBM Selectric. Above the desk are too many things to describe in detail. Curiously, there are two Apricot pits which I believe must be from a tree taken down ten years ago.

The floor of the study.

Not a Contructivist collage, but the floor, you can see it doubles as a bunny amusement park.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Bunday

Laptop is back and functioning though there are a few glitches like the pictures in this post show only as code until previewed. In the end it was the hard drive that had given out, as it was still under warranty it was a matter of waiting for Hitachi to send my computer guys a new one. In the meantime I was able to check my Email on the BFs laptop. That machine was less than optimal and often quit or would not allow me to leave comments on other blogs and of course he wouldn't let me put rabbit photos on his machine since he was sure that is the reason my hard drive seems to die annually. The old SuperBook was beyond frustratingly slow and often had to have a mercy force quit. Additionally, to use the aforementioned laptop meant going into BFs study. BF is a hoarder and the study is filled with books and decades of papers and empty tea boxes. His laptop sits atop an old IBM Selectric type writer, which I am told is really the only way to to write. To prevent the laptop from falling in cause of earthquake it is secured by a yellow nylon rope which must be secured every time one leaves the machine unsupervised. The Spots love to go into the study and look for unprotected cords and chew on the papers covering the floor, if the door is left just slightly ajar they are in there in a second and BF is flummoxed on how to get them out. Tensions began to run high and higher when ever I checked my EMail and finally, tired of waiting for Hitachi to send the new hard drive I just bought another and had it installed. When the other arrives I'll have one in reserve that I can use to back up data (what a concept) or can give to BF or DS should they need it. In all due fairness to BF although he may be a hoarder I think I can honestly say there are few men who would allow their homes to be turned into a warren.

On to more important topics. Harriet as Whistler's mother (AKA Arrangement in Gray and Black). I think the mittens time fun with clover!!!!!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Imaginary Monday Bunday

1-photo of Harriet looking like Whistler's Mother.
2-The Spots eating Red Clover, words cannot describe.
3-Amelia in composition with willow tent, matting and red floor, shot from above.

Laptop is getting a new hard drive, seems to be an annual occurance....should be back in business end of next week.

Have a great week bun and all.

Friday, June 04, 2010


Ha, ha, I have snuck onto the BFs laptop, it's not so good I can check Email, but can hardly go anywhere without it dumping and for some reason FaceBook is not at all friendly to his ancient software, so I've given up on that. The guy at our local computer place, which seems pretty trustworthy, Dave's Computers, said he thought my computer problem might be the logic board, that was on Tuesday I haven't heard from them since. Thanks for all the comments! 4Buns are all just fine and the weather is beyond glorious. I feel a bit guilty enjoying it what with all the other throubles in the world.......