Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Bunday:Fennel

One of the many bonuses of going to the Farmer's Market is that you can get Fennel with the tops intact. These tops you can bring home to your rabbits, who like the Fennel very much.

Tyler: Fennel can be grabbed and pulled, pull as much as you can to get maximum harvest from the shopping bag.

Sydney: Fennel can be eaten while your brother grabs more and then you can take some from him. It's OK to do that because he is your brother and has taken food from you.

Tyler: Fennel has soft and crunchy parts, it is not just a food but a total mouth experience. If you have a rabbit get that rabbit some Fennel.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Night at the Bunopera

Last night while Sydney was having first first crack the fresh Timothy hay, Tyler played the leading role as lovable, affectionate rogue. For 10 full minutes he groomed Amelia, I was concerned his tongue might wear out. Interesting to note is I had just spent a longish time petting him. The love you give will be passed on and on and on........Also of note this morning Tyler was quite uninterested in Amelia, in fact preferred to have his pellets in his room. However, I suspect, given the same set of conditions, tonight there will be an encore performance.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Bunday At The Races

Rabbits3 were presented with equal lengths of Chicory. Amelia took her's under the chair, this did not seem to slow her progress, she was, doubtless eating while hopping. Tyler and Sydney proceeded at their usual rapid pace, if no more so because breakfast was at least half an hour late. Judges proclaimed a tie and all participants demanded an immediate, if not sooner, rematch.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Bunday: Our Ears

Ears tell a lot about a rabbit. They convey emotions, intent, and state of health. The rigorous study of ears is much neglected field, but today, with the help of Rabbits3 it is the hope that the world will sit up and take notice. A simple "reading" of the ear markings can reveal much about a bun........

Here is Amelia's left ear, since she came to live here her ears have been constantly changing from dark to light and back again. For a few weeks now she has been sporting a chevron at the base of the her ear. This coupled with her grey ballet flats portrays of fashionable, but not over dressed bun; concerned with details, but not willing to take on any extraneously burdens. Her multiple ears positions, demonstrated here in the extreme, indicate flexibility and adaptability. Some good traits for a third bun.....

Comparing Sydney (left) and Tyler there is a distinct difference between these these siblings, in terms of color and markings.......

Sydney's black, black, black ears are softer than soft, if she'll let you near them. Dark all the way down to the base, this is a bun who lives life her way, she is the boss and chooses whom is allowed to be close. The line connecting her eye patches is quite straight, she has definite boundaries. Note though the white crevice between her ears, this indicates a vulnerability, a chink in her armor. She can be loving, but it's a careful path to her heart, like walking a tightrope......

Tyler's classy grey ear shade along with a more open design both between and on the ears are expressions of his personality. He is more open than Sydney and at the same time more vulnerable, this actually makes him friendlier because he is looking for protection (even though he thinks of himself as TOTALLY dominant). His eye patches are connected by a much more broken line than Sydney's, a sign that boundaries are flexible and subject to variance depending on circumstance.

Rabbits3 hope you have enjoyed this introduction to art of ear reading, remember trying this at home could lead to unexpected results........Have a good Bunday.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Rabbit emerging from another unlabeled dimension.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday Bunday Breakfast Club;video special postponed;random photos instead

Rabbits3 express a shared interest in willow twig formations and their unique structure.

Rabbits3 get pellets and salad twice a day, along with unlimited hay and fresh filtered water. Morning pellets are served between 6 and 7 a.m. and between 9 and 10 a.m. it's time for another breakfast; fresh salad. Today's salad featured garden fresh Chicory and basil stalks and from the Farmer's Market Romaine lettuce, dill, radicchio, and fennel. Each salad is sprinkled with a teaspoon of dried Nettles for extra nutrition and served in individual containers, a bunbento, if you will.
Tyler framed in furniture; a spotted bun in a square hole.

The fresh herbs vary and include Parsley, Cilantro, Mint, Lemon Balm, Borage, Yarrow, and the aforementioned Dill. Seasonal flowers are included as well; Nasturtiums, Roses, Honeysuckle, and Borage. Garden "weeds" are often requested by the diners: Dandelion and Chickweed are served as supply allows. Sometimes Rabbits3 get chopped celery and occasionally grated carrot. A few oat groats might find their way to the salads, but these are usually reserved for training treats.
Amelia demonstrates the Basil Tango.

Bonding is still an issue. Sydney will still chase Amelia and has been caught with fur in her mouth. When this happens she is politely escorted from the room. Still, Amelia seems to prefer having the gate down. This morning Tyler was seen grooming Amelia, though not with a lot of enthusiasm, he may have been cautious about being busted by Sydney, who was sorting the hay nearby.

Have an excellent week and remember to eat plenty of greens.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Amelia; her looks

Who is looking at me while I'm looking for treats?

Amelia looking like Bandit, how does she do that?

Her tail looking very big and fat.

Looks like nap time.