Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Photos

One day we had a field trip to a paper mill, Le Moulin a Papier, accessible only by a narrow walking path next to a robustly rushing stream. 

Many of the interesting French plants had little signs next to them letting us know what their names were.

Part of our tour was making monotype prints on a big yellow press.

Of course I made a rabbit image which the French printmaker joked about eating.

There were many examples of how paper can be used in art.

Our fearless leader Diane Olivier whipped out a lovely drawing of one of the paper making machines.

We were throughly educated as regards the history and technique of paper making.

This is one of the machines used to make the pulp for the paper. Paper can be made out a variety of materials from elelphant dung to blue jeans.

We each made two pieces of paper, here our paper guide passes on the secrets of papermaking to the youngest member of our group.
Whether by design or mishap on the way back we drove by Carcasonne .


RG said...

Elephant dung paper - I must hurry right out for some!

(Interesting tour - thanks for the share.)

Jade said...

I hope you gave that jokester a good solid thump! Le nerf de certaines personnes ...

speedyrabbit said...

ah the french they just don't realise that we have rabbits for pets not food,I'm loving these photos though,xx Rachel

Crafty Green Poet said...

interesting tour, the stream looks so pretty and it would be interesting to have a good look at a papermill

SixBunnies said...

What wonderful memories and experiences! :) (not the eating of the bunny one, but not every person has the gift of knowing the spirit of bunnies! some are not worthy ... clearly that person was not deemed worthy by the bunnies to reveal their sweet selves to!)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I looooooooove your rabbit print! Naughty print guy for talking about eating the rabbit!

Christopher said...

Do you have any additional images of the pulper to share?