Friday, September 23, 2011

Lion Heads

Jhampa and his sister Seraphina are lion head babies, adoptable through The Rabbit Haven. Categorised as triple lion heads they have side and top mane and a skirt. They are also our neighbors. The pumpkin was grown in the backyard in the "Do Nothing Garden" it is one of 15 Hokkaidos.

Here you can see his skirt growing out.

I took pictures of them less than a week ago and they didn't have their manes, fur grows so fast!

"Excuse me I think this may be my best side"

She will be even more amazing when she grows up, if you can believe it.

Still a little shy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Despite being pretty much ignored all summer a few things grew to maturity in the Do Nothing Garden.

Tyler examines the onion harvest.

Harriet offers a second opinion.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Arrangement in Blue

There is always a time just after cleaning when all seems serene and peaceful. Just after this photo was taken I went outside to shake towels and dump litter boxes. On my return I found multiple fur bits in all over Amelia's pen and the bun herself under my desk, obviously freaked. I had opened the side of her pen so she could go outside and closed off access to the outside for the other rabbits. It would appear somebun squeezed under the opened door that served to block the "alley". I have no idea who invaded, but all the fur tufts were white. Either Amelia was the only one who lost fur or it was one of the Spots, if that is the case I'd have to put my money on Sydney, since Tyler had spent a few hours yesterday on Amelia's side with no signs of aggression or irritability. Of course the bottom line is that all buns are OK.
Update: Amelia has a little wound above her left eye.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Hermes the foster has been to four adoption shows and met two lady buns and come home from each one having refused to engage or has acted too terrified to move. In my kitchen he is a happy fellow, a snuggle bun, beauteous and sweet....

Friday, September 02, 2011

Labor Day Guests

Labor Day Weekend will see 9 rabbits at the Bun Zen Center; 4 guests, 1 foster, 4 permanent residents. Our newest guests are Gracie and Ted from Sunnyvale, they took advantage of the the Center's bunportation offer of pick up for $20.

Gracie was happy to find they had been assigned a room with a view.

Just to be on the safe side Ted brought his own facilities.

Bear and Lolita were excited by their new neighbors, they are excited by pretty much anything. Bear came with some antibiotics to finish up. I don't know what they put in them, but he goes nuts. He jumps up for the syringe and grabs it in his teeth and I shoot it bit by bit into his mouth. It's all over in seconds though. The stuff is bright orange and it doesn't say what kind of antibiotic it is on the bottle, but it sure is bunny friendly...

All photos 09/02/2011