Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Furry Butts Fursday

It's Furry Butts Fursday and we have lots of special guest bunny stars who possess some really marvelous furry butts for your entertainment.

From Joel in San Francisco we have an upwardly mobile furry butt that belongs to Nibbler.

This is Miss Flower and her, err, friend, photo courtesy of Julie. What an adoratail that Miss Flower has!

Songa and Biff, a double shot of furry butt fun thanks to their bunmom is Lisa.

This is Mickey, who, I am given to understand is the star of House Rabbit Society calendar, and love those bunny slippers too, Mickey! His photographer and bun mom is Jade.

And all the way from 24 Carrot Lane, Haiku shows the one of the cutest tails ever, white and grey is such a lovely color pairing, don't you think?

Sydney shows her glorious graphics. I think her spots change and shift, must document this one day.

Tyler has such a cotton ball tail, I just want to tweak it. Here he looks bigger than Sydney and he wishes that were the actual truth.

Amelia's long fat tail and messy house keeping habits, she loves to rumple her towels and spread out that hay, but her litter box habits are impeccable.

There are other Furry Butts Fursday posts in Bunny Blogs, can you find them?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monday Bunday:Tri Bun Report

It has been a week with the fence up between the Spots and Amelia. In general things have settled down to a routine, which, of course, is imposed by the rabbits since they have watches and like to use them. At about 6 a.m. Amelia starts bouncing around in the back room, the Spots come to look in on her. They bounce around then go sit by their pellet bowl in the living room (bunroom, if you will). All rabbits get some morning pellets. Various rabbit-like activities ensue, napping, drinking (water), eating hay, flopping, chewing on cardboard or sticks or, less preferably, unprotected woodwork. Then around 10, the Spots like to have some greens. All the bunnies gather at the fence for a little greens party.

Greens party from above. Note: multi-layered fence to protect noses from nips, fence stabilized with bricks and tied is several places. Plastic flooring protection on Spots side, Amelia hasn't marked or peed outside of her box once, not once, knock on wood.

More rabbit activity or non-activity. At noon the Spots like to start their afternoon nap, these days one or both will check on Amelia before settling down in one of three favored locations. Another check occurs at 4 when they get up. Overall the Spots seem less interested in Amelia, which I take as actually a good sign; they are not as alarmed. They all eat greens together and I have observed both Tyler and Sydney grooming by the fence while Amelia also grooms. This means they are getting comfortable with each other. There is somewhat less marking and definitely less doot leaving. Sometimes, still, Tyler chases Sydney away from the fence, but this is infrequent and has little intensity. Sometimes they will run skittering tight circles in front of the fence. There is hardly any fence rattling. Tyler and Sydney's relationship seems unfazed. This was one of the things I was most worried about; I couldn't bare it if Sydney got a broken heart. When there is any visiting by the fence I try to stay away, but with an ear for trouble, so that they are behaving naturally and the bonding comes from their normal rabbit behavior.

The Spots from Amelia's side.

On Saturday the whole lagomorphic crew took a field trip to the adoption show held by The Rabbit Haven so they could get a good professional nail trim and check over. Although there is certainly a school of thought that promotes "stress bonding" this was not the reason I took them all out. I really did want them checked over and I wanted see if I could get them all there! Since I have a hard (read impossible) time catching Sydney I had to be indirect. For the past week I have had the carrier (it fits both Spots) open with a well loved snoozy pad in it. Both have hopped in and out and sometimes at the same time, and I put treats in at various times. Sometimes I would tell Sydney to go in and she would and I would tell her how good she was. If she went in by herself I would also tell her how very, very good she was. Luckily on Saturday morning just at the right time she went in and I told her how good she was and in a split second maneuvered the loitering Tyler in and shut the door. I put some dandelions greens through the air holes for them to eat and, after loading up the always cooperative Amelia, we were out the door in less than 7 minutes. All bunnies passed their check over, though both Tyler and Sydney needed their glands cleaned (I didn't know about this, I confess, but do now) and, much to her disappointment, Sydney was told she had to loose some weight. This means even less pellets and more and more hay (which is already provided in abundance).

OK, so maybe she could loose a little weight, but the camera adds ten pounds, right?

I haven't decided when I'm going to take the fence down, just not quite yet. I look forward to day when all three are running free from room to room in delightful chaos and snuggling together in peaceful bliss. I can dream can't I?

The show is over for today. Have bunderful week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Friend Hans

The Spots are distressed and saddened to learn their Bun friend, Hans, from Furrybutts has passed from this mortal coil to the Rainbow Bridge.

Amelia thinks she can see him up there.

We will miss him and send his family, furry butted and otherwise, consoling hugs and love. The Rainbow Bridge now has a Bunrobics instructor........

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday Bunday:Tri Bun Bonding

As "chance" would have it just at the time I was wondering if a tri bun bond were a possibility The Qi Papers had a new visitor, Christina, her blog is Rabid Tidbits. On visiting her blog I noticed she had not one but 2 tri bun bonds, so I asked about bonding. As "luck" would have it she is the bonder for Heartland Rabbit Rescue. We had a great consult via Email, I felt "fortunate" and as prepared as I could be. Soooooo yesterday I opened the door separating the Spots from Amelia and replaced it with a quadruple thick Xpen. I hope no bun will get nipped, as Amelia did the first day, if the fencing is layered and a nose cannot poke on through to the other side. See here for an example of that.

Both rabbits presenting for dominance. Tyler and Sydney would do this for minutes on end in the beginning, heads pressed together, waiting for the other to groom.

First Tyler sniffed at Amelia, then he wheeled and nipped at Sydney and they both sprinted away to hide under the bed. As a peace offering I brought them both, they were snugged up together, some Nasturtiums. Amelia got some too. This was repeated one more time with thumping. Sydney went and sulked in their pen, so I brought her some greens, Tyler was eating by the fence with Amelia. Having finished his greens, Tyler came to see if Sydney have any left. I told her "your brother still loves you, Syd." and bless his little lagomorph heart, right on cue, he flopped on her.

Girls sniff, Amelia was the first to growl.

Sydney now approached Amelia, who was remarkably unfazed by the behavior of the Spots. The girls sniffed, there may have been a little growling, then Sydney chased Tyler away, this happened a couple more times. A series of comings and goings ensued, at one point every bun was chewing purposely on grass matting. Both Spots took up posts at the fence. Sometimes rattling the the bars, stretching up, eating, generally acting out, while Amelia lay supine and flopped against the bag of Oxbow litter that held the fence stable on her side. She did perform some antics, running is small circles while Tyler poked his nose at the fence.

The Spots rampage around and eat snacks while Amelia flops.
You can just see her hind end above Tyler.

More Spot antics while Amelia is casual.

Around noon both Spots went under the bed for their naps, after about ten minutes Sydney came out to check on Amelia, then for hours all was quiet. Around 4:30 I came from in from gardening and found Sydney and Amelia on their respective sides both grooming; girl stuff. In the evening the Spots were mostly uninterested, though I did see the girls visiting, Tyler joined them and all seems pretty calm and friendly. There has been some marking perpetrated by Sydney and some doot scattering by both Spots, but not Amelia....The plan is to keep the fence up for a week and then...........

Next to the fence Amelia naps and waits for the return of the Spots.

Saturday, July 18, 2009





Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday Bunday

"Somebun strange is in the house and it is not a Spot"

Sometimes her family would disappear, she knew not where, she never saw or smelled them again. She got out, it felt good to not have her feet on wire, she hid, she looked for food and ate a bit of a bush, some fallen leaves. There was no water. No one looked for her except the neighborhood cats.

"Knock, knock is anybunny there?"

Someone offered her something fresh and tender and green, she came and ate and was caught, held close, but gently. Food and water came, she was put inside a little fence. She didn't try to get out, not here, too tired and somehow not worried.

She said her name was Amelia and somehow, she wasn't sure how, she was always called this name. Safe and sound for a few days. She had to go, to a scarier place. She was promised things would get better after that was over.

Waking up drowsy, her belly hurt, but she remembered the promise. Sooner rather than later her carrier was moved and jiggled in a loud warm place. She felt better being on the move and bunched up her towel to celebrate and cleaned her face, just in case.

Not for the stew pot.

The next day she felt good and then great. She binked and ran, ate stretched, napped and asked to petted and got that. What would be next for the little rabbit who would not be eaten?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Snake Farm; Ophiophobics beware

After a slight detour from the path with the Armadillo print, I am back to working on the 5 animals of Shoalin which are to be made into tea labels. The next in line is SNAKE. Many people are afraid of snakes, which is why there is a special word for it: ophiophobia.

Family portrait, me in center. Often left in the care of these two, I managed to survive being dropped on my head, having a glass broken on top of my head, and being squeezed by a large snake...One of the most oft repeated phrases at home was "Don't tease your sister." Needless to say I adore them both.

I am not afraid of snakes, wary and respectful as one should be of potentially poison creatures, but not afraid. The reason being I was raised with snakes, not by snakes, with snakes. My brothers, 10 and 12 years older than I, had a great interest in snakes, hence there were a few in the house. I learned to handle them and so have no particular fear. One time my parents were having people over for dinner and my brothers put a large boa, not the feather kind, on my 5 year old self and sent me out into the gathering. The guests were aghast, astounded, and stunned. The snake became frightened and started to squeeze........there were a few tense minutes as the brothers gently teased the snake off their little sister....

One of our scaley family members and a brother.

Several years later and several years ago, both are facts, on a neighborhood walk I came upon a boy and a girl throwing rocks at a smallish Gopher snake. "What are you doing?" I asked and the answer was trying to move the snake because they were scared of it. Luckily it had not been injured so I picked up the cool scaley fellow and let him loose in a nearby grassy lot, a much better snake home than the street. The kids were pretty impressed that a person could just pick up a snake, I hope they resist next time they have the impulse to throw rocks at something they
are scared of.......
Here is a shot of the final version and a proof. The final version is on top. After looking at the proof I decided that the bottom scales looked too much like fish bones, so I added a bokashi (gradation print) along the belly of the snake.

Colors used are Cobalt Blue Medium, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone red and a mix of Earth Green and Hanso Yellow. Image size is 7 by 5 inches. I also plan to reddish version when I get my delivery of Red Oxide (light AND medium) pigment dispersion.......

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Monday Bunday

Here is Fats at the vet, stunning isn't he?

Our friend, Alice, over at Potentially Nervous is a a three bun mom, and one of her charges, Fats needs vet care for an injury and funds are really short for Alice just now. She is a glass artist, see her work here and an excellently unique photographer (see her work all over her blog!). By making an art purchase (glass or a print) or just a special Fats Donation you will be directly helping a rabbit in need. You can contact Alice (and Fats too) through her blog or website.

The Spots have lit candle for Fats,
well wishes and healing vibes are always welcome.

Tyler reminds everyone to always keep a diamond in your mind.
Have a good bunweek.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Travelog from the Past: Part VII

6/06/04 Punta Mona, Manzanillo, San Jose, Costa Rica
It is a good thing we are going back by boat to Manzanillo, I for one am not up for another 5 mile trek through the jungle. Little fishing boats with out board motors arrive and we wade out to them through the surf, getting mostly wet in the process. It isn't lunch time yet when we arrive in Manzillo, so everyone has free time on the beach. It the last leg of the trip and mostly everyone is well behaved and reasonable. I ask Patrick if he will keep an eye on my group with Annette so I can walk down the beach. Warm ocean to my right and rows of palm trees on the left, I walk and walk, the ocean licking feet, ankles, calves. I could go on like this forever.Wanderlust has taken over. I wonder if I would be missed if I kept walking, what would Dexter do if I failed to show for lunch? I walk and walk. I remember another time I wanted to just keep going. I had borrowed the family car for a road trip with my college housemates, my mother had given me $200, I had it in my back pocket. As I drove through the night I wondered what it would be like to just keep going and going. But I do turn back, just as I did decades ago, and arrive in time to gather for lunch. No one has noticed I was gone I think. I feel like I have been far away for hours and hours. I have a large fried fish for lunch, it is immensely satisfying. We bundle onto the bus for a last push back to San Jose and La Rosa American.

The roads we take seem more curvy than anything we have experienced yet. I get nauseous and develop a tremendous headache. All I want to do is lay down the dark and die. Somehow I get to the room and tell Annette I won't be going to dinner. I regret missing coconut flan , they are going back to that restaurant. Vaguely aware of goings and returnings I sleep fitfully and awake in the morning pain free and joyful to be alive.

6/07/04 San Jose, Costa Rica, San Francisco, California
We do return home. Though not without incident, one of the kids tried to "smuggle" food stateside and got busted by a dog. Our seats are all over the plane making actual supervision impossible, but it is not necessary, the students are intent on behaving like the seasoned travlers they have become. Mr. S, the teacher is complimented not once, but several times, on the excellent behavior of his class. One of the girls sits by me, M., she is truly a seasoned traveler, her father is Brazilian so the family often go south for the summer. She notes that I really don't like flying, then to soothe me adds "I know we act horrible, but we really do love you, all of us." And that's what I love about teenagers, full of surprises, all the time.

There is not much more to tell. The aerial view of the salt flats coming into SF is a spectacular- abstract-earth work-accidental-art piece. Do look down next time you fly in. The air back home seems dry and thin, not as lively and full of life as in the jungle. I miss being surrounded by the sounds of the jungle; that complex audio tapestry of animals, insects, and water. The feeling of life cycle being constantly played out in every nook and cranny. The jungle is strange, it gets into your blood. Despite all the bugs and difficulties, even now, five years later, I long for it......


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Travelog from the Past: Part VI

6/06/04 Punta Mona, Costa Rica

Acappella Rapping as performed by Los Chaperone's with dance steps!!!!

Things You've Heard Before.
Refrain: hey, hey, guys, guys, girls, 2 strikes, clean the bus, do you owe me money?
Patrick: don't grope, wash your hands, don't throw food, sit down, be quiet, no free time for you!
Annette: listen up, pay attention, Per and Nick don't mumble, speak up, hold hands, join the circle pronto.
Diana: where are your shoes dude? sunblock, bug stuff, come back James!, hurry up, pack up, get on the bus, and don't call me dude.
Janet: SHHHH..., that's rude, be quiet, don't run, can't have fun, who's there?, lights out, no TV, I'm just doing my job.
All: Hey teens you know we love you.

And here the journal ends....the above was, as you can guess, performed as part of a talent show the last afternoon. I am happy to report that we managed to keep the beat and our dance steps were totally synchronized. As to the rest of the trip I'll continue with the best memory can serve. I can't leave me stranded in Punta Mona.

During the talent show and after, much was made of the students by the staff of PM and our tour guides Zack and Mel. Although I know it is a bolstering up of the young, I feel like a worn out shoe, ready to be discarded. We have been taking turns helping to make dinner. This last day it is our group's turn. Salads were always present at PM. They consisted of an interesting mix of foliage, none of which would be recognizable stateside. Indeed a common ingredient were the leaves of the leaves of a tree that bordered the path down to the beach. There is something made with peppers being assembled and one of the PM cooks makes the mistake of wiping her face with her peppery hand. She starts to cry, almost screaming, they try to wash off the pepper juice with water. Janet, who is a nurse and who is usually taking a nap is roused, she suggests cold water, which already hasn't worked. I remember something and tell them to try a dairy product, any dairy product. Some cream goes on her face and the tears stop.

That night there is surprise birthday party for one of the girls. Most of us sneak down to the meeting hall and await in the dark. The birthday girl and some of her friends arrive a little later, she is thinking they are doing something daring, then we all start to sing. Not Happy Birthday, some other song, something less common. There is chocolate cake at the party. I am given a big piece, which I piggily wolf down. I am up all night from the chocolate rush. The next day I am an old shoe.