Thursday, April 07, 2011


From the photo below you can clearly see why Amelia is sometimes called the Great White Zeppelin. It is in no way a derogatory comment on her weight, size or shape. Zeppelins are, for their size, quite light, so much so in fact that they float. Amelia is such such a mellow girl that I can, gently always, scoop her up, fore and aft as it were, and float her up like one of the great airships of the past. Like a Zeppelin she is lighter than she looks, possibly because of her very balanced and modern streamlined design.

Amelia 04/07/2011

Here Tyler is resting his head on his rock. The lower part of the other side of him is in the sun and he has essentially put himself into a trance. I say this because I had to put him into his pen, when I picked him up he was like the rock he had used as his pillow. Heavy, dense, in love with gravity. He may not have even noticed his transport to another bun zone.

Tyler 04/07/2011

And finally Sydney and Tyler just after a modest dinner, Tyler is exhausted from an entire day of being as cute as possible. Note: this is the exact same place as the rock episode above, "furniture" was moved for cleaning.

Sydney and Tyler 04/07/2011


Anonymous said...

I totally understand Tyler's exhaustion... I have the same problem! LOL

Crafty Green Poet said...

Mum of Critters comment made me laugh! All bunnies must have the same problem!

I love the idea of Amelia floating through the air... not to mention the idea of differnt bunny dimensions

Cara said...

Amelia must have angel bits inside.

Jade said...

Amelia floats when no one is looking. :)

As for Tyler, Mr. Mick informs me that the task of being all kinds of cute is indeed wearying and requires many naps in order to conserve energy. Considering that Tyler also has to keep his harem happy, he needs as much rest as possible.

Lisa said...

Tyler, I've never seen anybunny sleep like that!

Is the earometer contagious? Because it looks like Sydney may have caught it from the other ladies.

d. moll, said...

MOC-it's a rough gig.
CGP-she could and does when I'm not looking, I'm sure of it.
C-absolutely, as do all buns, really.
J-quite correct on all accounts.
L-he looks likes he's running! A V on the top f her head is as lop as Sydney goes, that and ears going flat to her back are the extents of her range....

Rabbits' Guy said...

Wouldn't you like to fly, in my beautiful balloon????

Up Up and Away Amelia!!!

bunnits said...

Floating buns--delightful.

I'm sure Tyler was just grounding himself on his rock after some floating of his own.

They look as though they had a very satisfying meal.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

LOL!!! Oh my gosh!! I'm just laughing!! Hilarious!
xx, shell

gabby said...

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anne said...

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