Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The soft white bellies pictured in the Under post were, to wit, Tyler periscoping and Amelia with paws on the fence.

Harriet 04/19/2011

Harriet may not have a white belly, but she is assuredly the softest bunny of the bunch.

PS if you are not already a follower, go ahead and join the throng! It's a rabbit party for The Year of the Rabbit!!


Paula said...

I wish I could pet her, she looks totally snorgelable.

Jade said...

Yay, I got it right!

Oh, Miss Harriet, I just love those little white mittens. Much as I love all 4Buns, I have to say you hold a special place in my heart. :)

Lo said...

Me too. I just long to feel that bunny fur and to cuddle a bun and scratch where it feels good.

Love your photos and your babies.

bunnits said...

O, Harriet, of the elegant ears and beautiful paws.

Lisa said...

How could I be so silly!!! Of COURSE Amelia doesn't have white feetsies! I know better. I guess I'm preoccupied.

Harriet, you are a vision in agouti, as always.

d. moll, l.ac. said...

P-she is, mostly, she puts up with it, she doesn't seek it as much as Amelia.
J-you have a talent for bunny IDing! Yes, the mitten as magnetic...
L-and Harriet is exceptional in the fur department.
B-her ears are quite special, you are right there.
L-Well, I'm sure you'll be a marvelous lawyer anyway <3