Saturday, August 01, 2009

Trial Integration

The fence is removed, just before breakfast.

The need to regain and explore hitherto forbidden territory trumps salad, Tyler hops into the inner sanctum where Amelia has been holed up. Amelia high tails it into the kitchen.

Amelia contemplates the bridge to nowhere.

Not wanting Sydney and Amelia to meet in the larger part of the house I herd Amelia back to her room where Tyler has been examining the changes she has made in his castle.

Sydney quickly follows.

There are, as you can surely understand no pictures of what follows. Amelia chases Tyler around and around the castle, the two have a dust up, fur flies, I croak out some sounds that might have been "hey, hey, hey" or even "hay, hay, hay", and spray them with water (OK so the nozzle was on mist and I don't think they even notice). Tyler breaks free and flees. Amelia seems a bit shaken. Unsure whether to assuage the feelings of the Spots of comfort the younger rabbit, I decided to stay with Amelia, she responds well to pets.

I replace the fence and in less than two minutes everybun is having breakfast as if nothing had happened.

Tyler watches while I pet Amelia.

Later Amelia watches while I pet Tyler, she cocks her ear quizzically having previously thought I was all hers.

Tyler pushes his nose in for approval while Sydney requests dominance certification.

The girls chat amiably through the fence.

Next time I will be sure feeding is established before removing the fence, maybe that way they will be in a more accepting mood. Usually while the Spots eat nothing bothers them. Next time I'll be more ready...........


Annette F. Tait said...

How brave Diana!!
and I know what you mean when you say you had no photos!!
I've been in that situation, but I am going to try your way to let Arabella and Wesley see each other. Just have to work out how?!

Good luck, at least your buns are just touching and sniffing thru the barricade!

Alice said...

wow! i can feel it i can see it and i can hear it! thank goodness i can' taste it!

the whole intense! look at that little tyler nose!!!! aren't they just the best at pretending nothing is wrong?

now what???

Glenna said...

Over and over again, it's all you can do. Heart in throat when there's a dustup, though. I remember that. Poor little Elvis used to get knocked over and at the end of it there were always great piles of torn-out lionhead hair. And he'd be wet where Pink would pee on him. I used to gather the fur up, nearly crying, wondering if they'd ever get along.

Rabbits' Guy said...

"Next time I'll be more ready ... "

Heee Heee ... with a fire-hose? Those three are going to have a lot of fun with this! I bet it works out sooner than later!

PS: Gosh the Butty Fursday was HUGE! I think I counted over 100 pictures ... a 100 butt salute to poor departed Hans!!!

bunnygirl said...

As scary as that moment must've been, it sounds like some progress is being made. I hope they all become best of friends.

PG said...

Golly, it makes having four cats seem positively simple!

PJ said...

Yay!!! Tribunding without the triage. I like the gossip at the fence pic. Girls will be girls. Keeping all things crossed for more success.

Sweet William Grey
Miss Digit
Ranger Dog

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh its challenging isn't it..... hope you continue to make progress...

M.Kate said... cute! I've waited for the trial integration and it happened :D Wow..this Amelia is one opinionated bun, not a shy one for sure. Yes, let them have a good breakfast before meeting...Poor Tyler, probably had a shock of what happened...Trial bonding will be better next

Anonymous said...

Tyler - I can see you are very clever.

Lisa said...

Don't be discouraged! Not too bad for a first encounter (although I remember getting hysterical at the scuffles Biff and Sogna used to have).

Next time will be better, I can feel it!

Good luck!

RoadBunner said...

Sounds to me like it all went relatively well! I think fur is bound to fly at any sort of bonding at one point or another. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Phew! I can still remember those heart stopping moments from Buttons & Yohji's initial days together! Do you have a neutral area in your house where you could let all 3 buns in together? Somewhere not too large in area, so it'll be easier to reach them if any more scuffle breaks out. Amelia probably chased Tyler because he was in her territory, so a neutral area might help.. just some thoughts from a non-expert, LOL.

Tyler's nose through the fence is simply adorable. Looks like he got into your lipstick hee hee

Anonymous said...

wow you are brave! i have to confess i always found the fur flying a little funny. when i first saw it i couldn't believe it. aww those cute little fluffeh bunnehs can be so vicious!

But they will come around! It sounds like a good first attempt.