Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thump Day Bonding

Amelia started out her day eating, running around, and sitting in a pot in the Bunnex. This latter is learned behavior transmitted via the internet from the prodigious gang of Bunns at Houseful of Rabbits.

At around 11 a.m. there are a little fresh lettuce party in Amelia's room, all three rabbits were eating from the same somewhat spread out pile. Amelia felt a little uncomfortable and retreated under and behind a nearby chair. Sydney left when the lettuce ran out and Tyler continued into the room, bent on exploring the Bunnex.

SShhhhh, Sydney is coming back. You can see here how I changed the fence/gate into a V shape so there is less chance of a bunny getting cornered and feeling defensive. Sydney sees the last piece of lettuce.

"Wait, who is that there?"

"Err, hello? "
"Don't I know you from the lettuce party?"

The girls touch noses, I can't believe I took this picture I was ready to stop an attack at any moment, but nothing happened! They just touched and Sydney retreated, not fast, just at a leisurely pace, like she did this everyday, whew!!!!

Having come back from outside Tyler hopped into Amelia's litter box and was partaking of a forbidden pleasure; alfalfa. He hopped out when he saw Amelia approaching, ears to the side and tilled forward, this seems to be her "I might be irritated at your behavior but I must assess the situation first" stance. Just after this photo was taken she chased him a bit, but there was no contact. At this point I stopped the session, although both Spots seemed eager for it to continue, hanging around the gate well past their usual nap time.


Christina said...

I know you have to be one proud bunny mom! Nothing better than watching your furry kids learning to like each other. One day when they are all snuggled up and grooming each other I know you will have a ginourmous grin on your face. Great Job!

PJ said...

Hmmmmm. First the Rabboratory, then an illegal, and now there's a Bunnex. There's a lot of mysterious goings on in the SC...

The girls touching noses is, well, very touching. I think you need to [find someone to] totally Photo Shop that first photo. It's hysterical!

M.Kate said...

D, I am enjoying this tri-bonding series so much. YOu go girl...Amelia is no shy bun, I like the part where she chased poor Tyler away from her litter :D So glad no fur went flying into your camera haha!! You make me want to get a bun again...but on the other hand, better not :(

Andrewbun said...

Sounds like progress to me! I want a potted bun!!

bunnygirl said...

I love the bunny kiss pic! It sounds like real progress is being made. Yay for the bunnies!

Anonymous said...

Rabbits attack ?

FrecklesandDeb said...

It looks very promising! We have our fingers (and paws) crossed here!

Crafty Green Poet said...

its so lovely to see them making friends, the kiss is so sweet! And yes bunnies in pots, the House of Rabbits influence spreads...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love the nose bumps, what a good sign! But I'm not gonna let Fidget see the bun in the pot picture... don't want her thinking she could grow a brother bunny in her basil plant.

YowlYY said...

I am so happy at the bonding progress - fantastic! I can hardly wait for all three to be sitting all together in a communal grooming session :)
Love all the pics, especially Amelia in the pot (she's been reading the Bunns' blog!!) and the "kiss" :)
You're a brave and exceptional bunny mum, well done!

Erin said...

Yay! That's great! Love the potted bun picture:)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Great! Yes - that is a Savannah activity - pot sitting. Although that is either a little pot or a big bunny !!!

This bonding looks to be headed for success! Your posts will be read far into the future as the ultimate "How To" of tri-bonding!

Julie said...

Amelia is so beautiful. She reminds me of my Gilligan (RIP). We tried bonding him with his own kind, but it didn't work out. So we got a guinea pig and they turned out to be great friends. Best of luck with the bonding!

d. moll, said...

C-I think they are coming along:~))))))
PJ-photoshop the potted bun? what is your concept?!
MK-she isn't shy, and she has a couple pounds on him. How are you doing?
A-Andrew would look good!
BG-nice, huh?
H-yes, they can do damage, biting and kicking with the back legs.
F&D-LOL fingers crossed here too!
CGP-it will be wildly fun when they are all griends running around like, like rabbits.
MoC-hide her eyes!
Y-trying to be a good photoing mum at any rate.
E-how are P and P?
RG-it's a 12 inch pot, Amelia is about 7+ pounds by now I think, I had an 11 lb bunn, so I think she is still small.
J-oh!!! Guinea pigs are so fun!

PJ said...

I was thinking flowers, maybe some of them trailing - or cabbages! Just something floral to add color. I was about to say to add interest but Amelia is plenty interesting, so just the floral touches to bring out her girliness.