Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tri Bond Dating Update

Belly up to the salad bar, plenty for all and bundry.

Bonding has progressed to the point where I can invite the Spots in for a communal feed. When I first put the salad down they are willing to be very close. As they get satiated emotions arise. Previously, when I would just feed Tyler and Sydney together sometimes Sydney would hop away mid-feed, I would invite her back and she would come or I would give her a separate pile and that would do it too.
So close! Amelia's ears are fairly relaxed, Tyler is looking a teensy bit possessive of his food, Sydney is quite involved with her greens, thank you very much.

With the free form salad bar I can customize for the needs of all buns. The goal is to keep them eating, an eating rabbit is not a fighting rabbit. When most of the salad is consumed Tyler's exploratory streak calls him outside. Amelia observes from under the chair and Sydney retreats to the living room, no doubt thinking of working on her current project of destroying BF's couch.
I'm so happy to get Tyler some outside time, he has been an indoor bun for his whole life. Yes, that is mint growing up between the boards.

Tyler soon returns and he and Amelia touch noses without incident. It is a funny thing with rabbits, the rabbit that is groomed is the dominant rabbit. This requires being lower when presenting to another rabbit. When Tyler and Sydney were bonding they would pressed their heads against each other at the same the level for minutes at a time, you could almost hear them muttering "I'm dominant" "No, I am dominant." "Sorry, but I do believe that I am dominant." etc......
And they touch!

After the nose episode Tyler decided to clean his face while Amelia settled down on "her" side of the fence. Not completely finished with delights of Amelia's room Tyler jumped into her litter box to eat some Alfalfa. "You know she doesn't like that" I warned him, he did jump out but not before she charged him.
Self grooming seems to mean a few different things, depending on the circumstances. At times it appears to be a self comforting activity, at others a demonstration of comfort.

I stopped her, it wasn't a full on charge, and pacified her with pets while Tyler explored the Bunnex, yet again.
The bunneh is pacified when the nose can be beeped, BEEEEPPPP.

Exhausted from it all, both rabbits flopped; Amelia under the chair and Tyler, oddly enough, just outside the gate in the extra large litter box I placed there in an effort to save the floor from extensive marking. He has never flopped there before, not ever.
Synchronized floppage

Here both Tyler and Sydney vie for dominance as Amelia observes.

Lest you think that all is absolutely well I must add that we did this same thing in the evening and although it went well for a while Tyler and Amelia did have a little dust-up or more exactly a fur-up, but only two tufts of fur were lost.


Anonymous said...

squee - love the nose bumps and the beeping! i actually do that with fidget, put my nose to hers of course trying to convince her i'm dominant but she's not sold on the idea...
love the mint growing up thru the deck! nice!

Christina said...

This is coming along nicely. You are moving slowly and I think that is doing the trick for these kids. I see no ears laid back in anger. Nice job!

Cara said...

I didn't know that about the grooming! I am relieved. Silver has begun grooming while I watch her from my prone position on the floor. I was worried about a flea.

bunnygirl said...

Great pics! It looks like the bonding is coming along. It's fun to see them slowly learning about each other.

Annette F. Tait said...

very interesting to read Diana - I always read them with a smile.

I was in with Wesley the other day. He has 2 huge floor cushions bordering off his 'den' and a fleece comes down from his 'roof' to cover them at the front.
Well I had been beside them on the floor pottering away in a book and I felt a movement - my gosh - I turned round to see Arabella trying to dig her way in from ontop the fleece!
Though she is very calm now when she is allowed into his room with me.
Good luck with your progress!

Rabbits' Guy said...

They are just rehearsing a Woody Allen movie!

By the way .. ever see Tom Leher "hanging around" your area? The other day we were reminded of his old song about Werner Von Braun since BL lived quite awhile in Huntsville, Al long ago.

PG said...

I crown you Queen of the Buns! It is so interesting to read about their behaviour -I can read cats, (a bit!) but rabbits - well, I didn't realise they were so complicated! And that is the sweetest picture of Tyler cleaning.

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a lovely series of photos, its fascinating to watch their developing relationships.

Anya always considered herself to be dominant to me.

d. moll, said...

MOC-maybe Fidget thinks you don't have the ears to be dominant...
C-Yes, there is progress! you have helped me so much, I should add:~)
Cara- sounds like Silver wants to be your friend, when you pet her be sure to touch her ears and pet around the the eyes and face, these are bonding gestures.
BG-and I never really know what well be next LOL
A-sounds like you are making progress yourself, how fun.
RG-yup, it's all method acting here. Yes, TL used to teach at UCSC, actually, I believe, when he wasn't poisoning pigeons in the park.....
PG-Oh, well I humbly accept this lovely crown, (gasps) it's felted!
CGP-I think it is difficult for a human to be dominant, we are so lucky to be allowed to socialize...

Friend of the Animals said...

My 4 rabbits get their own food bowl, I don't need any fighting or food stealing.

Mary-Laure said...

This post is just to die for! Viva los bunnies!