Thursday, September 09, 2010

Baby Porkchop

Baby Porkchop, king of the couch.

As you will recall I was commissioned to paint a posthumous portrait of one Baby Porkchop and it has been completed. Baby Porkchop, as you can well imagine is terribly missed by his mum, rabbit rescuer extraordinaire, Thea Smith. Baby was one of those big buns, 9 1/2 pounds of laid back bunitude, who knew who was the boss and it was him. Destructive and sweet as the day is long, he would follow is peeps around like a dog. One day Thea's FIL was sitting on Baby's favorite couch, the couch from which he would survey his domain, Baby hopped up next to Ed, then onto his lap and put his front paws on his chest, sniffed his glasses (what the heck are thesethings, dude?), licked him, then hopped down and way. As big as he was in so many ways, Baby's life was tragically short and Thea lost him too soon to a liver abnormality. He was her first rabbit and her first loss and now he's coming coming home again.

First a sketch....

Transfer sketch to good water color paper,
I favor Arches Cold Press 300 pound, I love the smell,
under paint with water color.

Add some colored pencil.

And more and more colored pencil until it is finished. Image size is 13 X 9 inches, this is not the photo of it, when I make a better one I'll put it in. Thea loves her portrait, she feels I've captured his spirit, his smile and a his hockey pants!, frankly it would be hard to miss the hockey pants. Bink, Baby, bink.


Thea said...

After almost three years since Baby made his unexpected journey to the Bridge, my heart still aches for him. He was my soul's mate and I couldn't have loved him more deeply, more honestly and more eterally. I miss him as much today as I did the moment I heard the words, "Mrs. Smith...I'm so sorry to tell you but..." However, thanks so much to Diana, Baby's spirit is finally coming home.


The Fab Furs said...

What a lovely portrait to match the sentiment. Homeward bound Baby Porkchop.

bunnits said...

Thanks for the photo of Baby. He looks like he was a delight and it must have been quite a loss. I still miss my beloved Periwinkle.

Your artwork is lovely. I'm sure it will bring Thea many fond memories.

bunnygirl said...

What a fantastic picture! We all have a heart bunny, and you did this one proud.

Watercolor with pencil on top sounds like a great idea. I love working in Prismacolors, but it can take so long to cover big areas of paper!

Michelle May said...

Oh's wonderful. Such a beautiful piece. I can see why she loves it so.
xx, shell

Christina said...

Baby Porkchop you were one a handsome bun. 9 1/2 lbs? Pffft, that would make you a lightweight around here baby.

Beautiful job Diana.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Angel Porkchop is beautiful, its interesting too to see the stages along the way in creating the portrait

Paula said...

Sigh, who knew hockey pants could be so captivating. Binky on Baby Porkchop!

Junkstylediva said...

what a wonderful painting, you are sooo talented! I am sure his mom loved it!