Friday, September 10, 2010

2 Movies

This is an un-touched photo expressing the enigma that is Harriet or,
possibly, Harriet channeling a Francis Bacon painting.

Bonding has taken a predictable and rhythmic turn in hopes of instilling trust in all the rabbits. It is apparent that the other rabbits, especially Amelia, and I might add for good reason, don't seem to trust Harriet. They are just not sure when she will nip and when she will present for a kiss. Not knowing anything about Harriet's past is a handicap. What kind of animals, people, rabbits was she around? She was obviously around people and a lot, they appear to have taught her to beg for food. She is so used to getting food this way sometimes she doesn't realize it is right in front of her on the floor. I feel she wasn't around rabbits. Although she is attracted them she doesn't know how to maintain relationships. I hope I'm not anthropomorphizing too much here or indulging in revealing self parody.

Peek-a-boo, who am I?

She is very territorial and if I have her up front and I open the back for a communal feed she will first go back and chin a few corners before tucking into her basket. I tell her often that sharing doesn't mean loosing. Sometimes she won't come up front unless I reassure her. At first I would get on the floor with the rabbits, now I sit back, letting them interact without the enormous 5th (non)rabbit. I've also been ringing the tuning forks and am ready with a quick foot should intervention be called for. We've made two very primitive movies, not very exciting, using the newly acquired and already partially broken tripod. Just click on the title to see them.


Annette F Tait said...

goodness me - endless dandies from heaven ....!!!

well, Arabella had no social (rabbit) skills when she came home with me.
Now she presents her head for kisses (from me).
Wesley will bite Arabella if he ever gets the chance and I find this scary and unnerving.
Wesley is not very interested in acting like a rabbit either, nor Arabella.

Seems Harriet is the Number 1 Queen. Perhaps she should be given a white spotted coat to wear so that she feels part of the group?
Or maybe she should be controlling the dandie rain?

The Fab Furs said...

Oh, my ears and whiskers! I have been transported through a wormhole to a land that embraces the concept of "sharing". I know not what this concept is. I was an only bun taught to beg food from humans, I know nothing of attending a banquet of equals. I have undergone a paradigm shift and, though I do like it here, I do not fit in with the other three--I have no spots! I do try to participate in these group events--I didn't grab all the dandies and run (though I thought of it). Help me Mr. Wizard! I want to be in the Four Bun Gang!

bunnygirl said...

With such an abundance of food, how can there be discord? Poor Harriet just doesn't get the local etiquette, I guess.

Friend of the Animals said...

2nd link isn't working for me. But amazing they can all be so close to eachother and not kill eachother.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Poor Harriet! But what an abundance of dandelions....

d. moll, said...

CGP-Harriet is a little confused, but she is well spoiled!
FOA-Thanks for the heads up on the 2nd, link I've fixed it now!. Yes, I consider every moment that passes without aggression a success.
BG-They agree that if I just kept the food coming peace would reign.
FF-Absolutely, spot on, and two thumbs up :) !!!!
AFT-I think must start convincing her that her mittens can also be spots....

Cara said...

If there were just one bun of the other three that she could peacefully share space with while she learned how not to be the only bun.........

Clovie Boy said...

Tuning forks?? You've probably explained this before but I missed it...

d. moll, said...

CB-used in bonding in Amelia last year, see:

C- well, yes, I was sort of trying that with her and Amelia, but I think girls are just too girly sometimes, then it seemed like adding Tyler was the key, then not, the only one she hasn't had a problem with at all is Sydney. OF course I can't separate SYdney and Tyler, so it seems like just having the whole gang do stuff together that they like, like eating, at least keeps the forward momentum......sigh.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I see now - Harriet is actually in the witness protection program!

My god - no wonder dandelion greens cost an arm and a leg now - those guys are cornering the market! Chew chew chew ... :<)

Christina said...

I dont know why it is such fun to watch bunnies chow down but it really is. Harriet seems to be a bit like Millie Mouse, not quite sure what to do with other bunnies. Course Millie is an older bun and used to living on her own. She isnt mean to Haven they just sort of co-exist with a weekly snuggle.

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Anonymous said...

I wish there was some way to plant thoughts into a bunny's head, like "be nice to that other bunny, he/she is a friend, not a mean enemy here to topple your little empire" or "stop peeing and pooping at the chinchillas, they're only in your room temporarily!". Wishful thinking, I know.. the movie Inception is still fresh in my mind :D

Lisa said...

So sad, and difficult when you don't know a bunny's past. Same with a person, really, I guess. D- Have you read back over your posts since you got Harriet? I really feel like you're too close to see it, but you've really made so much progress since Harriet came along. I don't think I know anyone who has attempted a quandro-bond, but if anyone can do it you can!

Paula said...

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Glenna said...

Oh, how lovely with the rhythmic chomping and the tuning fork and the greens while you talk to them!

bunnits said...

Perhaps I should try those tuning forks with my four.

Love the nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Michelle May said...

I just love dandy movies. They are so fun. Poor Harriet didn't attend a very good school for manners. She's working on it though.
xx, shell

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