Sunday, April 04, 2010

Monday Bunday

It may not make sense until I explain it, but I have decided that because of rabbits I can no longer watch the evening news. One could point out that I do everything because of rabbits so an explanation of the the murky workings of my human mind are not necessary. And that would be right and it is a tempting short cut, however I feel obliged to make a full report on the bonding and the evening news is part of the picture.

On Thursday Harriet bit Amelia's lip during a bonding session. I felt just terrible and was afraid it was bitten through and she would need stitches. I popped Harriet back in her pen. While I was assessing Amelia and weeping over her sweet face, it appeared that Harriet jumped out and was attacking Tyler. Unable for some unknown reason to put Amelia down and stop the event I yelled at them to stop, this brought BF out of his study and he started in on his usual mantra "These rabbits are going to give me a heart attack!!!! (repeat several times)". I pressed Amelia to his chest and swooped Harriet back into her pen. My level of heartbreak reached maximum limits and I decided then and there I had to let Harriet go and sent out a Email to Rabbit Haven and made a call leaving a message for a woman at the vet's who had expressed interest in having Harriet. Since there were no rabbit vets on duty I would have to wait until the day for Amelia to be seen.......two hours later Amelia and Harriet were lying side by side with the fence between them.

Are they friendly or is this just a case of good fences make good neighbors?

Amelia seemed fine, no pain and was eating just fine, thank you so much for asking. At this point in the narrative it would be unfair not to thank my Facebook friends for talking me down a bit and giving me good links. Thank you, thank you :).

The next day I looked at Amelia's wound and decided it did not need veterinary attention, the lower border was in tact and the bite had not gone through, much healing seemed to have taken place over night. I got an Email from Auntie Heather at The Rabbit Haven saying they could put Harriet's photo on the web as a start of the adoption process. Although I know it is NOT, and is even so far from it that I should not even say it, but it FELT like just a step away from child pornography. I couldn't do it. As I cleaned up that morning I had an opportunity to examine the scene of the crime and found that I had drawn some erroneous conclusions. It looked more likely that Harriet had pushed her way through the corner of her pen that was missing a clip that I had borrowed to secure the outdoor pen. She had had more fur pulled out than Tyler, who, in fact, it would appear, emerged with all furs on his bunson and none on the floor. Probably what happened was that Harriet had pushed her way out and surprised herself and Tyler by suddenly being nose to nose without a fence, a chase ensued with Tyler protecting his territory and that was that. Harriet was not the aggressor and Amelia's lip injury was just a random misfortune. The best course of action seemed to be to take time, to let Harriet's hormones recede, check out some more bonding techniques, get into Flower Essences and take a chill pill, the latter being for me.

Stress can be such an over used word and it can describe any number of situations and symptoms. Were the Stressometer to be applied to my life, yes it would shot up into the red zone. Some stresses you just can't do anything about, they are simply part of life, I leave these on the back burner to stew as they will. The ones that one can do something about are trickier because although they are voluntary they were inserted for a reason. As in my case one of these is the evening news during dinner. It is something I would NEVER have done before I moved in with the BF. News disrupts the digestion, puts the whole body into fight or flight mode. The bad, horrible and heartbreaking are consumed along with dinner. I try to tell myself it doesn't matter and I can just let it flow over me like water on a duck's back, but I hate it. All the Qi that ought to be used for exquisite digestion of nutrients is being used to protect me from the TV. Many times I've tried to have this evening ritual changed or stopped, but to no long term avail. But now, now that a rabbit's possible happiness and welfare are at stake I have put my foot down, THUMP!, and I eat in another room with the rabbits if you must know. One stressor down a few more to go......

Can the Black and White Queens come to terms?
Or are they destined to forever battle?

PS And don't worry I am plenty well informed on the doings of the world during the day.



mum of critters said...

What an adventure you have embarked on! I am impressed with your resolve to make it work. I would have rehomed Harriet... oh ok no I wouldn't, i would have made several different room enclosures and given up on bonding! As I started to write the rehome i recalled my last house and how I had 6 bunnies living there at one time!!!

you're amazing!

(i don't watch the evening news ...)

Tamsin said...

Gosh, nothing like a bunny for inducing regular heart attacks and worry!

Do the rescues near you help out with bonding at all? Some of the rescues in the UK will take bunnies for a bonding holiday where they all go and stay at the rescue for a few days or a week where it is totally neutral and during that time you neutralize the house and fingers crossed them come back friends.

Cara said...

Eating with rabbits is cathartic. Good choice. I often eat with Silver. If I don't bring her something or she runs out, she helps herself to come cecal(sp?) pellets.
If BF needs the TV to eat, it's like a promise to ignor you during meals.

d. moll, said...

T-we have a bonding appointment at one of the Rabbit Haven adoption shows; a neutral room with a bonding expert. Plus I'll take them early to have their nails done, so they'll be a little stressed. I don't think they have bonding holidays.
C-that's very nice, I think eating with rabbits could be a sign of being civilized.
MOC-you wouldn't have....ha, ha six bunnies!!!!!!

divakitty said...

We hope the bonding session goes well for the B&W sisters

Crafty Green Poet said...

I hope all the bunnies learn to live with each other. You're doing a great job helping them along the way. I never watch news on the tv, it seems to me that tv dumbs down and shocks up everything that happens, I prefer a leisurely read of the newspaper with twitter and Facebook helping me alogn the way with snippets that i might otherwise miss.

Christina said...

Sometimes it can take a year. Have patience and dont freak. They pick up on your stress, believe me. I have been attempting to bond a very very difficult bun at the rescue. He beats up every girl I try him with. I am going to try a boy next I think. I have better luck with the little boys. LOL

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Ironic ~ how just holding and petting a bunny can lower your blood pressure and then BAM -- raise it in the blink of an eye (bunny wars). I think they are going to get along after all...just gonna take a little more time. Hang in there!

bunnygirl said...

I'm so sorry you had a bunny scare, but be patient. I have faith in your abilities to bond this funny group.

As for the news, I never watch it on TV unless there's a major event in progress. Written news is much better - not as sensationalized and easier to get additional information if needed.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I eat dinner with blog friends as the news is truly horrible for the digestion. DH likes news and TV, I don't care if it were forever unplugged. I would much rather visit with friends in the "real world." Razzy and Sugie prefer to dine alone. "Drop the food and leave slave!" they say to me with their eyes!
Now then... I too would have had a melt down over poor Amelia's lip. Stressful indeed. However, I do have to agree that sometimes fences do make good neighbors and maybe the fence is really just "patience" as you are doing an incredible thing bonding these 4.

Many hugs and friendship to you D.

Friend of the Animals said...

My hubby says the same thing as your BF, along with more complaints. But now that we are down to 6 buns, it's not so bad.

I don't like the news. I hardly watch TV.

Rabbits' Guy said...

This bonding thing is going to give ME a heart attack.

We eat dinner with Racer watching every move and The Princess listening intently.

I suppose the TV News is one person's entertainment as rabbits are another's.

(Just trying to help - I should probably just butt out - I got both barrels trying to help Hef's mom .. consider me gone.)

d. moll, said...

RG-what's up with Hef's mom? I hope Racer gets to eat while you do.
FOA-ha, ha men and rabbits.
Shell-nice to know you are taking care of your digestion!
BG-thanx for your sympathies and I'll keep you up to date on the bunny news that ensues...
HOAC-yeah, I think they can, I just cracked....
C-yes, they have sensitive radars. LOL Tyler doesn't even like the sound of my new Converse tennies, thinks they are scary.
CGP-I think there is something about it being feed at an artificial rate, reading is more natural, it incorporates one's own natural breaths and pauses....
DKM-I will remind the girls you are expecting them to get along, that ought to to it!

M.Kate said...

Poor Amelia but I am glad it is nothing serious. Had to laugh at your BF's reaction towards to buns. I know. I had too many at one time and the only ritual I never miss is cleaning their pen..not even spending time with the kids then. However, they are a joy and I hope that Harriet stays on. Accidents will always happens and one day all four buns will be bonding well :)

Georgina said...

I have similar issues with my two cats and my two children! I like the look of that fence!

Annette F Tait said...

Goodness me I've missed a whole post!!!
well, the simple answer is to get rid of the TV - ours broke a year ago and it's just a dust collector. (It was never ever used). I hate the news - always have - it's the most negative thing ever and I've no idea how intelligent humans (??!!) can sit down to one hour of death and destruction every day!
What happened to 'good news' and how to make the world a better place??
Anway, excuse my blabbing! but good to hear that the board is even and there are no check mates going on.
The rabbits will work it out between them (some day) and with your fantastic help and assistance Diana so don't give up on those loveable bundles of fur that really need you :)
- and you them :)
dinner is always better with the lagomorphs - Arabella eats when I do and vice versa
best wishes xxx Annette