Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monday Bunday

Good Bunday to you. Tyler and Sydney, in addition to their many other prodigious talents, are artists. They use placement of themselves and ordinary objects to create living compositions. Working in isolation as they do their works exist outside of the mainstream art and may not, in fact, even be recognized as art. However they insist that close inspection and an open mind will reveal a fair view into the art which they call "Bun Shui"; the Art of Rabbit Placement.
Left to right: Sydney and Tyler Spot

Artist's Statement-
Tyler: Bun Shui is a constantly changing and moving art form. It is our response to the Qi of the moment. A rabbit always improves the Qi of a room.
Sydney: It could be thought of as a performance art. Unfortunately some our best works have gone un-recorded, indeed unseen.
T: Bun Shui a green art, using only such non-toxic items that are at paw.
Rabbits, Sticks and Bowls

T: This composition plays with numbers as only a rabbit can. It shows two bowls, two rabbits, and two sticks.
S: I'm supposed to covering the third stick, but I let a little peek out just to be edgy. I like the way the photo shows my two back feet to good advantage.
T: I like the hay cube in my red bowl

Spots, Towels and the Red Bowl

S: This one is meant to be sort of disorienting, it should make you question your sense of reality.
T: Compositionally our spots, or "Bunnigraphic Marks" add to the general atmosphere of the piece.
Rabbit with Towels and Bowl

T: This is one of my solo pieces. It is a simple arrangement using a rabbit shape, me, Tyler, as a diagonal element and plays with the two reds of the towel and Red Bowl, and the two patterns of the towel and me, Tyler.
S: Yeah, it is a pretty simple piece, was I having a snack while this was happening?
Two Rabbits

S: This next one really speaks for itself, the viewer will find himself or herself stunned by the beauty of our spots.
T: Yes, we look like living, furry, ink paintings.
S: Your nose spot is so charmingly crooked.
T: Your nose is so satisfyingly black and so are your ears.
S: Time for dinner.
T: It sure is.


Sophia said...

Bun Shui... that's what it is called!

M.Kate said...

Bun Shui? first for me..but so cool haha..

still cant get over those plump looking bunnies :D, I guess these are the dalmation version, but seriously, havent seen any b&w bunns over here at all!! My maskara bit me this morning during feeding..guess she was too hungry, nauthy bunny.

well..anything to improve the 'chi' of the environment, bun shui sure looks good to me :D

furrybutts said...

Wow, Tyler and Sydney sure are a couple of excellent bunshui masters!! Let us know if they spot anything in our pics which needs immediate re-arranging to harvest maximum Qi :D

bunnygirl said...

It's all about being in the right place at the right time. All bunnies know humans are lousy at this, which is why breakfast is so often late.

Rima said...

That's hilarious Diana :)
Those two really have personalities don't they :)

PJ said...

When I saw your new header I thought, "What great composition!", but now I know. They were just getting us ready for the bunshui manifesto. Really, Diana, what luck you have to be blessed with such insightful bunnehs. And being a freckled girl all my life you know I just gotta love the spots.

tlc illustration said...

Yes, they do have stunningly beautiful spots. :-) And are excellent at arranging themselves in a most artistic and energetically pleasing way. I'm sure they remind you frequently about how lucky you are to have them.

FrecklesandDeb said...

"Bun Shui"; the Art of Rabbit Placement - perfect description! Thank you so much in the lesson. We learned so much! Now, we will go try it.

Glenna said...

And the dropping of doots--part of the outsider art performance...

Rabbits' Guy said...

Will Bunn Zai be next? Those two surely do know the finer arts of decorating and interpretation. I learned a lot more than I already knew!!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Very entertaining interview with two very talented artists. All bunnies are artists, but especially English spots 'living furry inky paintings' to quote Tyler....

mum of critters said...

I LOVE IT! i have a whole new perspective on bunneh thought... i knew there was something going on there but just couldn't prove it!

and their lovely spots are rorshach tests in my simple mind but i ain't tellin' what i see!!!

this made me think of you guys:

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gosh, I love these rabbits.

BT said...

what enormous fun. I've enjoyed my first visit to your bunny world!

mum of critters said...

hey there's zing shui, bun shui and now kitteh shui :-)

YowlYY said...

This has been most educational! I am going to ask Hugo and Miss Eve about Bun Shui and see what they think. Mind you, we humans are so far behind and surely they have been practicing the old philosophy themselves already, just I didn't notice it!!