Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mind Your P's

Painting and Pigs seem to be at the forefront this week. Yesterday I went the the house deep in the woods and painted out the angel, see the post titled Call of the Wall for background on that. She didn't really want to go and at one point I was thinking of ways to tell the mother of the girl who wanted a sunset not an angel that the wall would have to taken back to white
This is taken in the natural light the shadow is from 
the window sill, but it works OK with the composition
and started all over again. And that would be at my expense. However I did not give in to that temptation, for it is a temptation to give up. With walls there seems to always be a point where doubt and fear creep in and a voice whispers in my ear "You can't do this." With plain walls that have no imagery I expect it somewhere between the second and fourth coats, and I usually hold an internal dialog that questions the difference between Lazure and a bad paint job. To my credit I have only had to paint a job out once and that was because I had other people helping. 
I know that sounds awful and antisocial. For me, Lazuring is series of adjustments to a constantly changing situation,  it's just too hard with other people to keep track of them as well. Anyway it all more or less fell together in the last half hour. It's not like any sunset I've ever seen, yet, but I think with the girl's stereo speakers in place (lower right are the mounts) and her ballet bar installed it will seem OK. The mother  and the sister liked it, though the girl herself was not available for comment, being off at Dance Camp.
I'm hungry, are you my mom? Who cares! 
The milk bar is open for business.
The other P this week was Pigs at Farmer Bob and Farmer Jean's place, see somewhere below . There are 34 piglets at this point from 4 different litters, there are still 4 more sows waiting to birth. I chatted amiably to Farmer Bob for a while and the piglets and slept in the shade of  the Plum tree. Then just as Farmer Bob left to go do some sort of task it was as if the dinner bell 
I think his name is Spot.
had rung. What a grunting and oinking and jostling for udders went on. Piglets running about looking for an open place at the snack bar. Sows flopping down and rolling over, ready for the gang to descend. In order to get and keep milk flowing the piglets butt their heads and snouts repeatedly on the udder of choice, this makes the whole nursing thing a very active sport. I wonder how many piglets there will be next week, it is such a porcine scene!



Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely painting, I'm sure she'll love it!

Those piglets are so cute, we've got small piglets at Gorgie Farm too at the minute, very lively!

FrecklesandDeb said...

The painting turned out beautifully!

So many pigs!

M.Kate said...

lovely painting..interesting pigs..we dont get to see them so often..they are all hidden away somewhere and the ones i saw are on the way to be slaughtered somewhere too. Pigs aren't popular here..we're a muslim country, so they need to be hidden away.

PJ said...

D Moll,
If you have an hour or so take a look at Sky Watch Friday. You will be amazed at the variety of sunsets and different skies people all around this planet are privy to.
As for the pigs, Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about all that nursing. I'm glad us hoomins don't consider it an Olympic sport.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I like that sunset ... hope the kid does too!

Pigs - plenty!

Carlton Jamal said...

All those piggies!!

Wonderful painting! My hoomin keeps trying to do her art things but I keep demanding attention!

Sue said...

Great painting and fab little piggies! They look as if they got in Jackson Pollock's way! LOL!

furrybutts said...

Beautiful sunset!

Busy piggies! I can just imagine the commotion going on over at the farm.. Are those orange piglets in the picture?? I've never seen an orange pig before, but like M.Kate says, pigs are heard of but never seen in Malaysia. We only see pork at the markets or grocers..

d. moll, said...

Furrybutts-the orange pigs are a quarter Welsh Red Pig and the rest is Old Gloucester Spot.
Sue-yes, Jackson Pollock LOL
Carleton-let your mom do some art!
RG, CGP, F and D-Yup and more on the way.
PJ-thanks for the tip
MK-actually we usually don't see pigs either, as FB says.

Rima said...

Great lazuring job Diana... I agree about co painting - I'd find that impossible!
Love the piggies too.. Sydney and Tyler could hide out amongst them and you'd never know!

tlc illustration said...

Almost *any* painting I do gets to that point where it is totally ugly and I despair that it is unsalvagable. I have to keep reminding myself that it happens *every* time and keep pushing through. :-)

Love the spotted (dalmation!) piglets.