Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Bunday

 Sydney sports a broader build than her brother and is larger, though Tyler eats a lot more, Sydney loves to dash around. Here she is about to dive into the Bun Run. 
"You have to run in quick as a bunny, follow meeeee....."
And here she is demonstrating the correct way to exit the Bun Run. 
"Come out with more composure, as if transformed by the experience."
Tyler is very quick as well, English Spots are known as runners, but his area of speciality is the "Bunny Up" pose. This one he held for almost a minute. Perhaps he is trying to compensate for being a little short.
"Did someone say 'Blueberry Treat?'"
Sometimes my camera takes strange pictures (this is not Photoshopped). Is this showing Tyler's alter ego? his guardian angel? Is it a Shamanic Bunny projection? The committee is still working IDing this filmy entity.
"You are getting sleepy, 
the bunny is growing larger and larger, 
you cannot resist his commands,
you will give him treats fit for a King."


Carlton Jamal said...

wowwee, how did you do that amazing growing trick?! i must now, then maybe i could reach the banana's from the kitchen side!

bunnygirl said...

Is my Cadbury a relation? Sure looks and sounds like it! Cute buns!

ilex said...

Hah! I have so many photos just like those.

Crafty Green Poet said...

shamanic bunnies - what a concept!

Orlando Bun said...

English Spots RULE! I like your bunny run. It reminds me of our worm hole.

Sandra Evertson said...

I just LOVED this! Adorable!

Rima said...

I think this is a lazure bunny behind Tyler!!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Great "Bunny Up" pose. And wonderful photography special effects (even if you didn't plan it!)

PJ said...

Tyler got soul.

Elizabeth said...

Bunny world is almost as batty as cat world.
Animals, on the whole, have much nicer personalities than people.
How much joy they bring us.

M.Kate said...

Diana :)

Your bunny post are always so fbunny it :)

BunnyKissd said...

I love the pics of your buns and seeing all your art! ^_^