Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rubbing Bunnies

Harriet and friend, waiting for a massage.

Some time ago I won, I won, I won!! through The Rabbit House blog a DVD called The Relaxed Rabbit massage techniques for your companion rabbit authored by Chandra Moira Beal, who is a professional bodyworker for humans in addition to being a dedicated bunny slave. If the title sounds familiar you may have seen the book by the same name, or like myself may have the book, but misplaced it during moving. If you already have the book you should get the DVD too, you really should. Although I had absorbed many of the techniques from reading, the DVD cleared up questions and provided excellent visual clarification. If you have neither the book nor the DVD you may be wondering why you should learn rabbit massage and isn't petting just the same thing? Massage is close to petting, but more specific and complex. Rest assured if you can pet your bunny you can learn to massage your bunny. The benefits of rabbit massage are extensive both physically and emotionally; effecting all the systems of the body. Ms. Beal does a thourough job of explaining the various aspects of rabbit massage from contraindications and endangerment zones, to feedback signs, as well as the techniques and how to put it all together in a complete treatment.

Because of her fur type Bernadette enjoys
the massage technique called "compression"

I waited so long to write about The Relaxed Rabbit because I wanted to be able to report on observed results. When I do nail trims at the Rabbit Haven adoption shows I do just a little massage on the rabbit before clipping. It's a nice "how do you do, I am not going to hurt you, you sweet little lagomorph". A few times owners have told me they have never seen their rabbit so well behaved and relaxed during a trim. Last week an apologetic human warned me that the rabbit was really bad for nail trims. Some massage and some Happy Pet spray did the trick, the rabbit was really quite good. The next time she will be even better because of the positive experience.

Daikon, formerly known as Radish, has issues to being picked up.
The massage technique called "tapotement", gently applied,
helps his muscles relax and he is easier to pick up

At home I have been pleasantly surprised. Sydney, who does not like to be touched, and I recently found out never has, does not object to massage and afterwards seems more inclined to be friendly. Harriet asks to be picked up since I incorporated some massage into our lap sits. Tyler is much more amenable to being picked up, not skittering away when he realizes what I am going to do. And, as you all suspect, Amelia wants it all the time. We give The Relaxed Rabbit DVD four paws up. You find out more about Chandra Beal and purchase a copy of the DVD HERE.

Adara, a red satin Angora, is staying next door,
she comes over for grooming and massage.
She will be available for adoption through
The Rabbit Haven after
she is spayed.


Jade said...

I have the book and DVD as well--I have flipped through the book, and it sounds like the massage I perform on Mick is the same thing, I need to set aside some time to watch the DVD so I can see the technique and be sure I am doing it properly. Mick is a take-it-or-leave-it bun when it comes to getting a massage, but he becomes a furry puddle and there is much tooth-purring when he gets one, so he must like it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Wow, sounds like a must have book and DVD for all bunny owners.

It's interesting to read about how different bunnies react slightly differently.

Christina said...

My bunnies are now demanding bus fare to California.

RoadBunner said...

I have the book but have added the DVD to my wish list. Maybe it will be Mario's belated birthday present. Thanks for sharing! That red angora is a BEAUT!!!!

d. moll, said...

J-furry tooth purring puddle, I'd say he likes it, talk about feedback signs!
CGP-You are quite right, all bunny slaves should be able to massage.
C-when should I be expecting them?
RB-the DVD really helped me in terms of clarification and confidence, it's really good to see it being done, plus she has super hot bunny models.

Glenna said...

How beautiful Adara is!

bunnits said...

I've heard of this book/DVD and was considering getting a copy. Thanks for the input (and cute bun photos).

The human said...

Great feedback on the book and DVD... I'm sold!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Now if bunnies could GIVE massages ....

Karen M said...

That sounds really interesting, we'll have to check it out. RG is too funny, and OMG, Adara! She is so beautiful! But you could probably guess that I would be partial to her!