Monday, February 20, 2012

Over Due and New

First and foremost I have been having fun with ANALOG filters and frames.

This is the first photo I Analogged, I was feeling nostalgic for Hermes. At long last I received a photo of Hermes with his new bunwife, unfortunately is was a poor print out so I can't share it. Well, I guess I could, maybe in my next post.

And here is an Analogged Harriet, this photo was, in sense, saved by the filter with brought out the darks, before the whole thing was very monochromatic. Harriet has been living on her own between main pens. Sydney has always chased her, but recently Harriet has been thumping out it. I am hoping it is somehow a step to combining her with Amelia.

And here she is, I love what happened to this photo. Already a strange one now it looks like a Victorian portraits.

And Sydney, we almost lost Sydney on Friday. Thursday evening she skipped her greens but seemed fine otherwise, it is something she sometimes does with no ill effect. Friday morning she still seemed to not be eating, but I had to go to work. By the afternoon she was getting cold and lethargic. I made an appointment with a rabbit vet I did not know. Her temp was 92, rabbits should be over 100 up to 105. There were no blocks in her stomach, but it is dangerous to feed a cold rabbit. Towels warmed on the heater did the trick, she perked up, had some assist feeding and by midnight was boxing with Amelia through the fence.

Tyler as art bun and ladies man.

Our second foster, did I not say no more fosters? this is Bernadette. She is full of piss and vinegar. The most vocal rabbit I have met, honking, grunting, whimpering. The vet could find anything wrong with her lungs, which I wondered might explain some of her noises, and thought it most likely "behavioral". She'll be appearing on Disapproving Rabbits sometime this week, and that will probably be the only thing she approves off.

And finally Radish, he is getting more friendly and decided he loves to be petted, we are working on being picked up and carried...

Next time: Rabbit Massage, Hermes and His Bunwife and whatever happened to the Water Dragon?


Jade said...

Love these pics! I have no need for Analog, as my PaintShopPro has a similar feature, but the look is very inspiring. I should do some more art pics with Mickey sometime.

bunnygirl said...

Tyler looks like he's up to something. He probably is!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yay for Tyler. Same thing happened to Zoey. Took almost two days of worry to pull her through.

Love the photo treatments.

bunnits said...

Cool photo work.

Certainly glad to hear Sydney pulled through okay. They can really give you a scare.

The Fab Furs said...

Glad Sydney is better! Were Victorians known for being photographed with rocks? Bernadette is a charmer!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what amazing photos! So glad Sydney recovered, that must have been very worrying

Karen M said...

Glad to hear that Sydney came through OK. Funny about Bernadettes noises. Weasley is noisy like that. You should hear him durung a haircut!

bonka said...

'and that will be the only thing she approves of" haha brightened up my day :) Radish is more than welcome to come stay with me, lots of pets and cuddles to go around! Still haven't given up on turning the puppy into a bunbun.