Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adventures in Housing Part One

It may not have helped that while I was in my first house, my mother's womb, all she could think of, or so I imagine knowing her and placing that transparent overlay of history over the past, was moving and going to California. No one from either side of the family had ever even been to California and now my father was going to teach at a university there. Factor in that in the first two months after birth female children have a period of imprinting from the mother's nervous system. I know that when I was two months old my family drove across the country in a brown Rambler station wagon. I can only imagine how hectic the two months before the trip were, a new baby, a new life and the unknown awaited. Excitement, fear, hope....a gamut of emotions poured into my hungry infant nervous system.

Moving indeed seems to have been ingrained into my being, I have lived in 27 different houses. Of course there are people who are connected with the army or other peripatetic cultures who can claim many more, and certainly I acknowledge that I have never been homeless. I marvel at my friend Emily, whom I have known since the fifth grade and who has lived in the same house for her whole life except for 4 years. And then there is Boyfriend who has lived in the same house for 30 years. Admittedly owning a house certainly keeps the moving factor at bay. For a few years I did own a house, but as my house Karma would have it, with the divorce he got the house and I moved on.

And I am moving on again to live with my son while he attends college here in town. It is a bit more complicated than that, but simplicity will have to suffice in this case. The last time I house hunted there was no Craigslist or or any other internet housing sites. Craigslist lives on toolbar now and it is not uncommon for me to check listings every 20 minutes, just to see what's come up. Certain patterns are beginning to appear. Listings will disappear for a month and pop up again, these I conjecture have something seriously wrong with them, like a rats or creepy neighbors. The language of listings calls for interpretation or a salt shaker. Cosy means small, quaint is rundown, spacious means bigger than a postage stamp. But No Pets means no pets. This last one is a particular stumbling block for a person with 4 rabbits. A couple times listings that said "cats are purr" and "dogs are woof" have informed me that rabbits are not welcome.

I found one really interesting house just around the corner, from the outside it looked strange and awkward, a smallish rectangular footprint, two stories, deck out front and bright blue outside. Inside it was magical with arches and rounded corners, charming windows and and nooks. A stream ran through the back yard and there was space for a good sized vegetable garden. I was in love. It was a little more than I could afford, but big enough so that I could see patients at home and drop my office downtown. The landlord, whose son I had taught in Art class seemed amenable to this latter idea and even suggested I could have a neighborhood Tai Chi class which she would absolutely attend. I could feel the hint of victory just around the corner. Conversation meandered a bit and crashed, she had rented it last weekend but the future tenants hadn't been able to get rid of their pets. Oh, no pets? Turns out she cannot stand the smell of any animal, even after it has vacated the house for say a year. I remember that every time I've seen this women over the years she has just taken a shower, perhaps there is a, err, problem here, I wonder how she bears her teenage son, talk about animal smells!
"Well, that's too bad, my rabbits are very clean and smell really good."
"No animals"
"OK well good luck finding just the right tenant."
I turned adding over my shoulder "You know, Clint Eastwood has a house rabbit." It was the best Parthian shot I could come up with given the circumstances......


mum of critters said...

Love the "excessive verbiage" read every word of it! ;-)
also love the pics, I could not have gotten thru without a little dose of bunny here and there!
Have you settled on the one that you mentioned on FB and were now waiting on DS to decide? I hope something bunderful has opened up for you! What a process it is, finding a new pad.

Clovie Boy said...

Interesting and thoughtful post, d.moll.
Love the Parthian shot!

Cara said...

Something is supposed to happen. What you are looking for now is not what you are supposed to have now. What are you supposed to have? Not what you need right now....what are you supposed to have in three or two or five years that is in prototype something that will meet your needs today and become that thing then?

The Fab Furs said...

Over the years it seems as though the process of renting has changed: there are laws that prevent landlords from discriminating against potential human renters, but not animal companions. I personally believe that problems caused by pets are trivial compared to those caused by humans. There is a yoga studio here that has rescued rabbits living in it, and they really add to the positive energy. It truly would be ideal if you could combine a home and work space in such a fashion (or live at a rabbit rescue and see clients there also). But que sera, sera. May you have the best of bun luck.

bunnygirl said...

It boggles my mind why anyone would have a problem with someone having a few rabbits. Even before I became a bunny mum, I would've asked a few questions, but if the tenant was clearly sane and responsible, no problem. Or at the very least, a trial period.

Something bunderful is out there for you. I'm sure of it.

Tamsin said...

Clint Eastwood has a house rabbit? How cool is that :)

Good luck with the house hunt - I hope the perfect place turns up soon (and they like bunnies!)

Annette F Tait said...

Diana, ask and the universe will provide, or in this case, the buniverse,

does Mr Eastwood need a Tai Chi instructor en-residence perhaps??
5 rabbits so happy

...just takes one phone call ....

good luck from us here :)
oh, and the buniverse!

Paula said...

We repeatedly harrumph and heartily disapprove of her disapproval.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Does Clint Eastwood have a spare house you can move into?

Good luck finding somewhere, it is a hassle trying to find a new apartment.

bunnits said...

Good luck in your search. I will send out positive thoughts that something fitting will make itself known soon. Will also tell my buns to do the same. Surely the bunergy will help.

d. moll, said...

B-thank you, we will try to make good use of your vibes.
CGP-actually I have written to Clint asking for a letter that supports house rabbits and their caregivers, we'll see if he even gets it.
P-I can hear it from here!
AFT-see CGP above.
T-isn't it just? if you Google Clint Eastwood rabbit there is a little video.
BG-housing is very tight here, I'll write more about it.
FF-Love that Yoga studio!
C-staying open and examining all possibilities....
CB-thnx for reading!
MOC-proper Buncuation can be a great aid to the reader.....and no, I'm fear the house mentioned in FB was a no go......

Michelle May said...

Bunnies smell wonderful. Even I who live in an all white house can handle the dust bunnies. No pets...ridiculous! Children do worse damage. I know first hand. Tenants with dogs, no problem. Tenants with kiddo's...477 holes to patch!
xx, shell