Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adventures in Housing Final Part

On Monday I had two property owners call me about the badness of rabbits as housemates. They bad, they stinky forever, no like 'em.

On Monday I was sure I had a hearing problem because all three of my patients were complaining of right shoulder pain. Words are funny, right and shoulder seem so specific and yet the actual etiology and treatment of each of the shoulders was so different. The first was a patient I'd been treating for a couple months for neck and should pain. He was getting much better between acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, ear seeds and chiropractic adjustments. His shoulder pain stemmed from arthritis in the lower cervical vertebrae caused by a life time of bending over to work. S is an artist, sculptor, welder, fabricator of high degree. I ear seeded him and needled and gau sha'd and sent him on his way. His issue was mainly skeletal.

Next was S's wife C, also a wonderful artist. She is usually a pretty easy fix and her shoulder pain was just a week old. I put in some general "these are are good for the whole body" needles, cranked the heat lamp and let her nap. Later I returned with my gold and silver touch needles. I tried to find a point on the top of shoulder that would release the pain and inhibition of the joint. Usually I can find these points in the first 3 or 4 tries but nothing was helping. She had her shirt off and I had access her whole back. On a whim I pressed on a point at the waist where the trapezium ends, and yes that released the the shoulder. She regained full movement once this point was touched for a couples minutes with the gold needle. She has been working very diligently on her posture through Yoga and using a foam back support/trainer, once again, like S (her husband) repairing a life time of bad posture. It would seem that in the process the muscles have gotten a bit confused. Her issue was based in the muscular system. I've never read or been told about UB23 for shoulder issues, but not everything is in a book, in fact I wonder if most things aren't.

My last patient, who I know from Rabbit Haven, could not move her arm for the shoulder pain. An MD diagnosed her with "Frozen Shoulder" and couldn't elaborate more than that. It had come on her suddenly when reaching backward about a month ago. My understanding is that FS is an adhesion of the shoulder capsule caused by overuse or injury. Since it is also a an insurance code it would seem that it has become a catch all phrase for shoulder pain and movement inhibition. As you may have guessed Rabbit Person's problem was strictly energetic, I treated her very gently, like a rabbit and she got almost %75 movement back. She may regress, but another treatment in a few days will, I hope put her on the path to full recovery. Fingers crossed.....

As it turns out the other part of the duplex that RPs inhabits was vacant and going up for rent. I expressed interest and the next day got an Email saying that the landlord was there and that she had told him about me and he wanted to rent to me. Yes, he knew I had rabbits, just like the RP. I dashed over. The place was perfect, two BRS, a quiet backyard with lemon trees, even a perfect Tai Chi practice area (a heretofore unheard of luxury in my life). It was even built in my birth year and had the the kind of tile I've lived with often over the years, it was like coming home. The landlord was very open to my ideas of non-toxic flooring and carpet, he'd seen Dr. Oz. He knocked $100 off the rent for me. There were washer dryer hook ups and a garage. I had a built in bunny sitter. I rushed off to get the DS. He said it was nice and I introduced him to the RP and one of her amazing bunnies, a crazy looking lion head from another dimension. But when the tire hit the road, DS wouldn't do it, he couldn't make the change, since he is 21 and 6 foot 4, there is no forcing him. I had to let it go. A Pyrrhic victory......with broken heart on the side.
PS Still no word from Clint, his wife Dina or their bunny August.


Paula said...

So sorry Diana. I hate to say it but you might have to find a foster child to adopt...

wv ninson
"Nin!" said the son.

Jade said...

I'm guessing DS is your son? If that is the case, I'd point out that change often means growth and expansion of one's horizons, which would be a good thing for one of his youthful years. I'd also be putting my motherly foot down and pointing out that the chances of finding the absolutely-downright-100%-perfect-for-everyone-and-everybun home are getting slimmer by the day, and there does come a time when you have to take something as close to perfect as possible while the opportunity is there, unless (being that he is an adult) he thinks he can find living arrangements that are more suitable to his liking and finance them himself. My own son will be 20 in May, and while he occasionally complains of the many ways that our home does not meet his standards, he also knows that he cannot afford to live anywhere else right now on his income alone, and so the grumbling is kept to a minimum.

Many apologies if this does come off as harsh, but considering all you have been through with wabbit-hating landlords, the thought of passing up what appears to be possibly the best opportunity you'll get because a young one is fearful of making changes seems impractical and not beneficial to your household as a whole. Unless you have the luxury of being able to wait for the absolute perfect place, you might want to reconsider passing on this one.

d. moll, said...

@Jade-he knows all this. I've kept him up to date. Fact is where he is living is way less than close to ideal, but change, although something he says he wants is not on the menu yet......I just don't know what to do, I have considered just taking it, but there are other factors as well....

mum of critters said...

I can't imagine letting this perfect place go. I don't know all that your son faces but you are moving mountains to help him, I wish he would see that. It seems like this place was dropped from heaven for you.

I love the treatment descriptions too. Very fascinating. My friend in Scott's Valley is now getting acu for her knee and Lakota is heading to her next treatment hopefully Friday.

Jade said...

I completely understand your concerns for your son's needs, but he is an adult and should be able to understand that this is one of those times that you need to do what is right for you, whether he likes it or not. As your friend, my concern is that you could end up in a far less than desirable position trying to satisfy him, when he is now old enough to start thinking of your welfare instead of his own. At some point, he will need to be on his own in order to become his own person. You shouldn't need to compromise your welfare until he's ready to do that; it does neither of you any favors.

All that said, I do not wish to pressure you into decisions you are not comfortable with; as I said, you are my friend and I am only speaking out because I am concerned. I hope that whatever decision you make will bring you the least stress and the most happiness. *hugs*

Paula said...

I came back because I was afraid I sounded mean. I have one who is just as stubborn and I know there's little to be done about it. Mine seems to want to learn through experience/by doing and unfortunately he doesn't always realize there are others along on the journey. I completely sympathize with you and wish I could do something.

Maybe if we start a petition on Facebook:

I'll move wherever my mom wants me too if 1,000,000 people hit the "like" mutton.

Then again, My DS wouldn't even be fazed by it.

Thanks for sharing with us. We're in your corner all the way.

wv clismsib

Annette F Tait said...

gosh Diana, I've missed the last 2 tocktober posts.
I believe everything will happen for a reason and be just right, even if things seem to be not as planned.
You never know, Mr E could be penning a reply this very minute as regards a live-in muscle-fixing-pain-expert :) and 4 said buns :)
best of luck, our paws are crossed xxx

The Fab Furs said...

May the choices made be beneficial to all concerned. Peace be with you. (Buns look good.)

bunnygirl said...

I understand your worries, but you've been 21...I've been 21...we made it through without making our parents pass up fantastic opportunities, right?

You may not get another chance like this again wrt townhouse. I respect that there may be a compelling issue you've chosen not to share with us, but based on what you've written so far, it sounds like you need to jump on this. If DS isn't on board, he'll either change his mind or you'll each muddle on in separate residences.

Most 21 year old men can look out for themselves, but the bunnies can't. How much more time do you have to find a suitable place?

I wish the best for all concerned.

Lisa said...

D, it sounds unbelievably perfect. Like, ridiculously so. I'll move out there if they have another.

I thought DS wanted a different area, and he rejected another apartment becuase it was too similar to where he was already? sounds like he's being difficult to please. You need somewhere to live, and it almost sounds like, if you wait for DS to approve, you'll be homeless. You won't find something as perfect as this, at least that's how it sounds.

Most parents wouldn't give their adult child a choice at all. I think you've done a lot to include him and try as hard as possible to appease him.

Good Luck, Diana.

Clovie Boy said...

: (

M.Kate said...

oh dear...seems like you've found the perfect place and DS (son?) not agreeing....that's tough :( Hope there is a solution soon.

bunnits said...

Oh, so sorry this didn't have a happy ending. I was ready to rent it myself!

I love the photos of your bunnies.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Sorry your son is being difficult about this!

Wonderful photos, Harriet's expression in the first one is priceless, she seems to have perfected her own brand of disapproval.

I love your description of the crazy looking lionhead from another dimension - will we see a photo?

B L said...

Ok, I've read it all. Got caught up in the story; was sure the next picture was going to be taken in the new place. And then ...

Why don't you and DL just come live with us. RG would be delighted. In fact he and DL would be best buds in no time, I'm sure.

We have Black Bart in the kitchen; why not D. Moll, et al, downstairs?

Friend of the Animals said...

I have nothing nice to say. Except I was here and read your blog.

Michelle May said...

Well poo!! Sounds like it was the perfect place.
David is having surgery on his elbow next Friday. Sure wish we lived near you so you could work your fabulous magic on him. Incredible D and so facinating to me.
Wishing you well with all this housing.
xx, shell