Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Lunar Chinese Asian Year of the Yin Water New Year

You may be wondering why the snake is a cobra, this is because the snake referred to in Chinese Astrology is specifically the cobra. Not everyone knows this, but now you do. If you'd like to learn more about what the Year of Snake holds for you click HERE. If you'd like to get a Moku Hanga print of a snake or a set of postcards click HERE



Jade and Mr. Mick said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty! Wouldn't want to be up close and personal with a cobra in real life, but these are awesome!

brandi said...

Happy Tet! Or is it Merry Tet? Just have a great Tet!
The Asian calendar makes WAYYY more sense than the Gregorian calendar we use. And the zodiac definitely makes more sense, too. Seems more observational and socio-political than Written in the Stars nonsense.

Paula said...

One of each please!

Crafty Green Poet said...

these are lovely, such wonderful colour variations!

Michelle May said...

That's so gorgeous. I was so sad to see my dragon year leave. It was a magical time indeed. Snake year should be good, but not as much magic. ;)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Year of the snake .. ummm - I dunno. Better hedge my bets. Thanks for the tips.

bunnits said...

Did not know that about the snake.

Love the art.

Junkstylediva said...

You did a nice job!

speedyrabbit said...

These are lovely hard to choose which one is the best!xx Speedys mum