Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Never Gone

You know that your blog has been neglected when you get Email solicitations from people wanting to write for it. The most recent offered to write for free, if she could put a link into the text. Get you own blog. And there are people wanting to advertise, or have me write something they suggest. Nope, nope, nope. The Qi Papers is a non-profit, free speaking blog.

Sydney concurs

The latest improvement here at the warren is the introduction of the Smart Pen, not my name for it, Paula from Pensicola called it that, and frankly it has a snappy sound. Since our move more than a year an half ago I have been unhappy, nay miserable, with the Xpen on a shower curtain, washable wool and sheet enclosures. They are fussy, the shower curtain moves in mysterious ways baring the rug to teeth and claws. Also the shower curtains are objects of rippage and potential GI blockages if consumed. Even the most careful placement of the pieces never insured full protection. They seemed to take forever to clean and set up.

A bird's eye view of The Spot's Smart Pen unit outfitted with all amenities. 
The Smart Pen is constructed with a Pure Bond Plywood floor with Marmoleum flooring. Purebond is a formaldehyde free plywood and is sold at Home Depot. It is a little more expensive than regular plywood, but a small piece to pay for safe product. Formaldehyde has been linked to cancer risk. Marmoleum is linoleum made from cork. It is a sustainable and non-toxic product and they use a rabbit in one of the banner headers on the website. Again an expensive product, but I got a good deal on  some over stock at a local store. All and all I paid less for materials than for some vet visits I could mention. The railings are pine scavenged, with permission, from a local construction site.
The railings hold the X Pen sides stable over a sheet that is pulled tight through corners left open. It takes less than ten minutes to clean a pen. The other system could take half an hour or more. Mind you that ten minutes does not include dumping and cleaning boxes or laundry. In addition to time savings the Smart Pen safe guards the landlord's carpet better than the previous system.

Corner of Smart Pen, just yank the corners of the sheets though,
drop and the fence and maid service is done.
I made two Smart Pens that are about 40 inches by 60 inches, any larger and moving them would difficult without help. The bunnies are NOT confined 24/7 to their pens, but rather it is home base for litter boxes, hay racks, food and water. Tyler and Sydney's has a couple of cardboard houses. They are confined to their pen at night as Sydney will box with Amelia at 2 a.m., if possible. The other pen is divided in half for Amelia and Harriet, I am hoping this is a prelude to being able to share without a fence between. In future  I plan to extend each unit with module porches and two story boxes.


Paula said...

Diana, please remind me when I had this insight, it's just that I have so many it's hard keeping up with them all...

It's a brilliant idea, what you've done here, you've definitely moved the construction of green rabbitats well into the 21st Century and countless others will benefit from your efforts in the Rabbitory. Congratulations on such a remarkable effort.

speedyrabbit said...

we want you to carry one with your blog,so we cheer you on with these emailers,in telling them no way,great x pen by the Speedy

Jade said...

As always, 4Buns continue to be the trendsetters in bunapartment style. I expect a spread will be appearing in Bunner Homes and Gardens any day now.

Lo said...

I admire you so much. Your efforts on behalf of your buns are wonderful. They may not be able to thank you, but I do.

bunnits said...

Excellent bunhousing. Will have to try it here at the Huntsville Bunstead.

I, too, have been getting those emails. Probably others as well. I wonder if it is becoming a blogging plague.

Christina said...

Great idea. I have had several emails offering to write my blog. Hmmm, wouldnt be mine anymore then.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Looks like perfect bun housing!

I get the emails too, lots of them.

Michelle May said...

Thanks for all this great info. D. Will be getting some of that Purebond plywood for h and h to run on. Hannah won't leave carpets alone and they slip on my vinyl floor.

Lisa said...

Sydney looks horrified by the very thought of some impostor posting on your blog.
Love that smart pen!!!

btw, I've been wondering about Bernadette. Did she find a forever home?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Sunset Magazine wrote me. They wondered if I knew anything about these fab new bunny pens with the fancy floor and quick-change sheets and such. They want to do a special edition. Get ready ...

(Hee Hee) What a great piece of work you have done there!

d. moll, said...

RG-we await with bated collective breath.
L-she is, oh she is. Bernadette found true love!!!
MM-Hope they like it!
CGP- lol well, I guess it wasn't my absence that attracted them.
C- yes, zactly so.
B- cool, let us know how it goes!
L- thank you!
J-see response to RG
S- you are so fast I can hardly understand :P
P- FaceBk, and well we do what we can for a greener future for all creatures.

The human said...

Great work and v interesting to hear bout these Wood products That are knaw-safe!

I don't get these e mails.,, feeling a little left out now ;-D

bunnythreads said...

Sydney Looks magnificent :0 satin
It looks like a smart set up-it's always trial & error when adapting something new Then bam before you know it something shows up that really `makes' your day. Keep posting & sharing & as long as others do 1 of us will find what does not work will work for some one else. Everyone has such great systems & ideas..IT really is The buns that decide :) My Chip just went back to a doggie poti peddle pad auuggh becauge his brother dog had surgery & threw him into stress ~ go figure

I LOVE your new set you your buns look happy looks like you can divide it & put a cover on the top when needed to avoid them jumping over if needed...

SixBunnies said...

Very nice picture! And, nice digs there bunns! :)

RoadBunner said...

Very awesome set-up. Thanks for sharing!