Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mitochondria Day

Mitochondria the power house of the cell, the organelle without which the cell, the organism, could not function has it's own separate DNA, somewhat like a bacteria AND is inherited from the maternal partner; that is to say from your mom. IQ as well is inherited matrilineally.

Sydney examines one of four throw rugs I bought in an effort to save the installed rug. She has suddenly decided it is so fun to the pull out the yarn pieces.

Sydney 05/08/2011

She gives a massive foot flick

Sydney 05/08/2011

I'm searching for colors for the print; green, blue, orange, auditioning tomorrow.


Jade said...

Miss Sydney is simply removing any fibers that are not up to bunneh standards. After all, dainty feets such as theirs should not have to tread on poor-quality textiles. :)

Hope the 4buns and DS gave you much love on Mother's Day!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Buns and rugs. A never ending love affair.

Glenna said...

Ask our buns if there is anything more fun than pulling out the fibers of a brand-new carpet. Sigh. All redeemed by that massive, picturesque foot flick.

The Fab Furs said...

Pulling rug fibers up isn't unlike pulling up grass outside or wheatgrass inside. And then it's also fun to distract the human in a new way. Great foot flick!

bunnits said...

Mitochondrial DNA is a wonderful thing, but can't hold a candle to buns and rugs.

d. moll, said...

J-ha, ha, maybe next year.
MM-truly, when the LL said he was ripping out the old carpet I tried to get him to put in bamboo flooring, but the carpet person talked him out of it.
G-so far I think the damage will go un-noticed....crossing paws.
FF-you may have something there, they know it's grass time. I just came in with a handful and Amelia jumped out of her pen!!
B-I think of the bunnies as my out of body mitochondria.

Karen M said...

Awesome expression of disdain!

Lisa said...

The Mighty Mitochondria! That's what we used to call it.

Is that not what rugs are for? I thought so.