Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bond? James Bond?

No rabbits were harmed in the making of this video and the little fight where the Not Very Bright Rabboratory Assistant got bit and had to have stitches,well, that happened after filming. We have had a couple of little luncheon dates without the fence and with a chaperon. You can see that there are some nerves firing and although everybun is eating, it is a bit tense. Since Sydney has taken to chasing Amelia more, Miss Girl (Amelia's alternate name) is a bit hesitant to join in. You can see the second video by clicking here. Harriet is quite territorial as regards her little part of the world and would like to plant her flag in the rest of the house as well.

After these were "filmed" Tyler wisely left and Sydney followed a bit later. Amelia went outside and Harriet followed, there was a chase and a scuffle and then an actual fight where both rabbits seemed to be two feet in the air and writhing around and kicking each other. I stuck my hands in, got bit and captured Harriet. After checking her, I deposited her in her pen and checked Amelia. Two minutes after that they were both by the fence eating together as if nothing had happened. All the rabbits are keyed up now, even when not actually on a BunBonding mission. Amelia and Harriet seem to be vying for my attention, indeed Amelia bit my butt while I was cleaning a box. Luckily no skin was broken as a result of that dental venture. Sydney is skittering and thumping and Tyler left his vegie dinner a tad early to have some quiet time. He can be a very emotional little fellow.

Next time: gloves and a smaller neutral space.

Just a few words about Urgent Care. I barely had to wait 5 minutes and the waiting room was not filled with a bunch of coughers. I told my story to the nurse and added that rabbit bites were not as likely to get infected as cat or dog bites. She took my vitals and said my blood pressure was perfect. She asked when my last Tetanus shot was and I said a very long time ago and she said she'd order one up for me. I inquired what sort of preservative the Tetanus used was it Thimerisal (Mercury) and she immediately said no one used that any more. I quietly countered that I had read otherwise. She met with the Dr. outside the door and I could hear them talking about rabbit bites, then they started whispering, then I heard the Dr. say "Let's give her the insert." Whereupon the Dr. ( a woman) presented me with and insert saying "it's all in really small print." I was undaunted and started reading right away as she had gone to get something or other. I think she thought I was a real weirdo. She explained that they usually don't stitch animal bites, but she could tack it in a few places to keep the skin stretched out over the wound which is slightly bigger than a nickel and the flap is about as thick. I was moved to the "Procedure Room" where I finished reading the insert and found that the booster was not just tetanus but also Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and Diphtheria. I declined the jab having an aversion to being vaccinated extraneous conditions. By this time I think the Doc thought I was definitely a weirdo, I'm sure they get plenty, I didn't really care since all I wanted was to get my hand tacked up. I even let her numb out the wound so she'd feel better about the needle bit. I told her I get all my dental work done without anesthetic, then she thought really was a dangerous weirdo. She started talking about horses, she was getting nervous, but I can talk about horses and pretty soon we had a good conversation going. Then she said she had rabbits, that her son had found a pair of white rabbits with black noses in Scotts Valley. Ha, ha I had her now "Is your husband J___ S___?" I asked "Yes! I'm getting chills, how could you know?" I explained that my Facebook avatar is California rabbit face and a friend of a friend had commented on it saying he had two similar rabbits etc, etc, etc.....Then she remembered that he had indeed shown her the picture. It is a small world and with a little luck you can pull just about anyone down the rabbit hole.


Paula said...

Dear Santa Cruz Weirdo,

Keep up the good work. Not everybun is as conscientious as you are. Or as brave.

Peace and love,

Pensacola Weirdo

PS When you say anesthetic do you mean you're knocked out? Inquiring mind wants to know.

Alice said...

wow wow wow!!! to all of your self appointed proof reader, my only correction would be to let you know that you do NOT have anesthesia with your dental work....i think you left the word "out', without anesthetic is what i believe you meant. it's about time for the rest of the word to learn that you're partially bionic.

now i'm going to the videos portion of this post!

Alice said...

ok, does cinematography get any better than the 22 second mark on that first video?!?! i think not!

bunnygirl said...

Good luck with the continued bonding efforts. I hope you heal quickly!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed the videos, hope your hand heals quickly and yes the world is a small place

Cara said...

That Amelia is SO brazen! "Harrieeeeeet. Im in your houououououse. Can you see meeeeeeee? Does it bother youououou?"

I've been to urgent care with a rat bite. I overheard staff wispering "Did you see the woman with the rat bite!?"
They asked me "Do you think you can catch the rat so we can quarenteen it? Otherwise you need a rabies series...."

The human said...

Ouch... hope you feel ok? Love the films. Thanks.

Christina said...

I read the whole thing but I am really stuck on the part about getting dental work without anesthetic????? I have a high tolerance for pain but seriously??????? Do you at least have someone club you over the head first?
3 girls are going to give you a tough time...but you can do it.

Lisa said...

Poor buns. It must be very uncomfortable for them now (Tyler and Sydney are probably wondering if you're EVER going to stop bringing strangers into their house!) but once they all love each other they'll thank you for it. Good luck with bonding, sounds like it's going to be a lot of work!

That Harriet is a PIP, that's all I have to say about that.

Christina - 3 Girls are going to give D a hard time?! FOUR girls are going to give Tyler a hard time!!!

Sarah said...

In the second video I saw Harriet's tail go up and I said Uh-Oh! No one goes in her house without being invited! lol!

Christina said...

Lol Lisa, once they settle in Tyler will LOVE it.

Andrew Stone said...

Well, I work in that clinic and Yes
the tetanus vaccine is preserved with thimeresol (not enough pressure on the drug companies to take it out as lawsuits from spoiled vaccines would be more costly then any increased revenue from the few patients who really insist on mercury free vaccines--although there's probably more mercury in Tuna Sushi than in one vaccine. You can get JUST tetanus booster; the CDC encourages the
"P" part to increase herd immunity to pertussis (whooping cough) but since you have to sign a consent you can if you are vigilant enough decide not to go along.

The doctors are as weird as the patients in Santa Cruz so no surprise there. I certainly am.
Hope you heal fast. The best thing is, for reasons not clear Rabbits, like mice and rats, don't seem to ever carry rabies.
Sorry I wasn't there to help out.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I remember some poem or long narration that had a part about live for awhile in Northern California, but not long enough to get (or become) something. I am beginning to understand it now!

Good luck healing. (Let's see, if you pinch lightly between the thumb and firt finger, followed by light pressing the third finger tip with the 1st finger tip while pursing your lips and touching your nose with your tongue ....)

Why would anyone in their right mind want a bunch of rabbits??? Are you people ALL nuts down there?

d. moll, said...

First, a universal correction the bite is not larger than a nickel it is slightly smaller than a penny at the time of the post it was still under wraps.Out now and looking pretty good!

P-I meant without anathestic, text has since been corrected. Not that I am into pain, but I get panicky and palpitations, I would rather have pain, luckily I have choice:)
A-thanks for correction! I need a proof reader that's for sure, your merit badge should be arriving next week. 22 second mark I had to go back and see. All I can say is I have some very talented bunnies to work with.
CGP-:) there'll be more movies I think....
C-LOL for the rat bite! Amelia is a hussy.... a brazen hussy bun.
TH-I'll fine, much rather it was me than a bunny.
C-I react poorly to anathestic, and can't even spell it. I have learned to breath through the pain. Got to practice this when I got all my amalgams removed...
L-I am instigating an "Extra Treats for Rabbits" program starting yesterday, that should help a bit, also a dose of chamomile in their pellets. Yes, Harriet is quite a pip and I'll be sure to tell her so!
AS-Sorry you weren't there too! I'd have liked to have bonafided artist to stitch me. I was on the fence about the Thimerisol and was considering just doing it. I do have quite a sensitivity to Mercury. When I got my amalgams out my whole face deflated, it had been swollen, I had just thought that was the way it was...maybe you will be there when I come to get the stitches out, if I don't do it myself :)
RG-Aren't you due for another rabbit? I trying some fun healing techniques you can be sure :)

Glenna said...

What a fascinating post! Loved loved the video. It will be ok--they just have to go through this. One day you'll look, and they'll all be lying in a heap together, but it may be several months yet. When I look at my little tribe licking each other's faces, it is hard to remember the biting, the bunches of fur, and pee halfway up the walls!

I think I'd have the dentist give me gas or sedation if I didn't want the anesthesia--keeps you from jumping around in the chair.

Christina said...

Well I cant spell it either Diana. Who cares???? I knew what you meant.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh my gosh!!! I totally could not read all of this fast enough! What a crazy adventure and how weird is it that you found these other folks in the rabbit hole! You have such cool Karma D. Amazing in fact.
hugs and friends,

Paula said...

Dear D,

You might be sensitive to epinephrine. Ask the dentist to use just novocaine, instead of lidocaine which has epinephrine in it. You might see the palpitations go away/not appear.

Yours truly,
The Voice Of Experience

RoadBunner said...

Sorry to hear you got caught in the cross-fire. But happy all is well for all parties involved. Rabbit bonding is definitely NOT for the feint of heart!!