Thursday, September 17, 2009


That would be Laugh Out Loud Self Promotion for Tai Chi Class. Awhile back one of my patients asked if I knew anyone who taught Tai Chi. Having done this 3 times already with varying degrees of success, I did not immediately offer my services, but rather offered those of my teacher. Conversation continued and I could see that that connection wasn't going to work, so in an undertone I said I could do it if she got 4 or 5 other people to commit to the class. I left it at that, thinking I'd done my part to offer . Imagine my surprise when she did get 4 other people eager to take Tai Chi. OK, so where? it is going to rain soon. I asked my teacher if we could use the Martial Arts studio feeling sure he would say no as he had in the past to other people. But no, he said yes, that that would be a completely appropriate use to the studio. I know I am sounding reluctant about all this, but having had lucky breaks in the past that that didn't pan out in any way, or that turned sour I am wary. In addition when trying to create something, a class, a career etc...even if I I've done everything "right", nothing will come of it, or there will be unpredicted results......Anyway I thought I'd better at least try to get a few more people into the class lest attrition leave us with just 2 or 3, which is just not enough; there has to be enough students that we can learn from each other's mistakes without feeling singled out. I sent out the following as an Email to almost everyone I know. Here is what I sent out, though the layout was different (Blogger layout capabilities seem so limited). As you can see I've taken a more casual narrative tone. I am so tired to reading similar promo bits that sound like ads or a text book or, worst yet, both.

First Meeting Sunday 9/27/09
Tai Chi
With Diana Moll, L.Ac.
Sunday mornings 9 a.m.
Academy for Marital Arts
1570 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz CA 95062
Donation TBA

I have found Tai Chi enhances health in innumerable and wonderful ways. One of my patients expressed the desire to to learn Tai Chi. After offering her some alternatives, I said I could do it, if she could get together at least 4 people. And she did, she got 5!. Sunday Morning Tai Chi is still its seed stage and I am accepting more students. If you too would like to learn Tai Chi come to the first planning/introductory class (9/27/09). At that time we will decide which style of Tai Chi ( Chen or Yang) is best suited to the needs of the group. Also if enough people show up who prefer a 10 o'clock start time, I can add that second class. Once the logistics are approved we'll do some Tai Chi.

I have practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine for a decade and have studied Tai Chen, both Chen and Yang styles, BA Gua and Qi Gong with Sifu Ted Mancuso for 12 years. In addition to the "empty hand" forms I practice Tai Chi sword, Ba Gua broadsword and Elk Horn Knives. I have taught Yang style and Sun style Tai Chi to adults and teenagers. Other teaching experience includes Drawing/Painting to middle and high school Waldorf students.

You can find me at and on Facebook, though it's mostly about my rabbits.LOL. You can see my Moku Hanga prints at

If you have questions or want additional inform
ation on Tai Chi, please don't hesitate to contact me by Email or phone. (and of course in the actual Email I have had these listed)

And I asked everyone to pass the Email on. So we shall see just what this point it seems great if it happens and fine if it doesn't.
I do need to generate some more income somehow, maybe this will be start. I think I should have put a rabbit picture on the Email flyer.

Late Breaking Photo Entry

Amelia demonstrates the Tai BunChi move called "Lazy Rabbit Glances at Ball". Note she is doing the advanced version with back feet crossed at the ankles; what a talent she is.


Fez and the Gang said...

Maybe, a rabbit in a Tai Chi pose??? Legs stretched out, or something to that effect...

Glenna said...

I would attend, except for the commute, of course. I need something. Is that you modeling the poses? You look accomplished and flexible. I would be the sad lump on the floor who'd just fallen over.

Glenna said...

Rabbit picture: Amelia, stretching and looking pleased with herself.

d. moll, said...

FATG & G- Yes, I see now I will have to catch the Rabbits doing Tai Chi, or rather Tai BunChi. In a way animals don't need to do TC they already move naturally, but surely there is some BunFun to be had here!!!
G-err, yes, correct identification.

bunnygirl said...

I hope the class becomes a regular thing. Sometimes when you don't push too hard, the outcome you were hoping for falls into place.

Good luck!

Junkstylediva said...

I would go but I have the same commute issue. Instead I will visualize taking your class at the appointed time. We never know what opportunities come our way do we! Inge

M.Kate said...

I swear to you that if I am closer, I will be the first one to sign up!! I have been wanting to do taichi for the longest time, here we have many practicing on the park or garden. The only reason why I never did was most classes are in Mandarin and Hokkien, a dialect I am not familiar with...kinda hard to find one in English. There are many benefits of this exercise and I didn't know you are so good at it.....I think this is a start of something new and good too.........sifu :D

Friend of the Animals said...

Good luck with the class! Wished I lived near you, I would come!

d. moll, said...

LOL I would have such a great class if all you folks really could come! but we'd probably have to have social hour after to talk about rabbits and such like. Thanks for your encouragements.

FrecklesandDeb said...

We're wishing you luck. Hope everything goes well. We think the spots and Amelia could maybe take care of the Rabbit Care section, so that people with rabbits wouldn't have to leave them home while they are in class!

Cara said...

Hope it works out well for you. I tried it once and I was hopeless. My ADD brain could not remember what we did five minutes ago let alone last week! The teacher would not give any materials to help me learn. At least now I could say that my body couldn't do it either.

Andrewbun said...

Hope it goes well! Unfortunately Andrew and I are in Ohio, so we will just do the "Lazy Rabbit" thing ala Amelia. :)

RoadBunner said...

Good luck with your class!!

Mario is never enough of a gentlebun to cross his legs like that :)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh boy .... Of course, we ALL would come if we lived closer! It would be a blast, a Tai Chi class full of rabbit nuts. I am glad I read this close because I always thought Tai Chi was a kind of milky sweet tea.

Amelia just looks like she is now Queen of all she sees!!!

So too --- Tai Chi is a form of Marital(?) Art. That is pretty much what it is like around here!

d. moll, said...

RG-Tai Chi is considered a soft martial art, as opposed to Shaolin, which would be hard. All the moves have martial applications. I don't dwell on these, but I do emphasize the useful ones: how to get out of a wrist grip, bear hug or choke hold, That sort of thing.
C-ha, ha students who can't remember are employment insurance for teachers. But seriously at first it is super hard to remember because you are retraining nerves and muscles. For years I'd get so over loaded I'd have to take a nap. It helps with ADD, in the long run.
A, RB, FAB- thanks for your good wishes.

Annette F. Tait said...

My goodness Diana!! I always, always, always laugh out loud at your posts - and today was no exception!!!

Amelia is indeed a very good student and a fast learner. Shall she be holding her own minature fur class for chi-furs beside you at the classes?

mum of critters said...

YAY! Promo is a good thing - I hope the class is well attended - you'll do great. I as well would go were it not for the commute (and the sunday morning time... sigh!) ;-D

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I would love to take a class from you. I have always wanted to learn Tai Chi. I think the bunnies get it way better than I do.
bunny hugs,

YowlYY said...

My best friend in Italy has been taking Tai Chi lessons for a year, and she cannot praise it enough. It really saved her from majour stress at work (she is a teacher in Italy, which makes for twice the stress!) and her health improved considerably. I would sign up with you (and Miss Eve and Neville with Amelia) if only there wasn't all that water in between us - sigh! And to say that last Saturday a lady of the navy base in San Diego visited our booth at the conference, and I thought of you and the Spots + Amelia :)

d. moll, said...

AFT-Ha, ha laughing is good for the Qi!
MOC-I know you would, thanks :~)
Shell-you'll have to learn form the bunnies until a human teacher appears.
Y-Too bad about the commute, we'd love to have you in class. Yes! San Diego is just 10 hours away, almost close.

haktech said...

wow. i always love to learn tai chi but there no one who teach tai chi in our place. so i just studied karate do. but tai chi would have been better.