Friday, November 21, 2008

Another WAPF Report

Dr. Beverly Rubik holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics from UC Berkeley. Her interest in healing and the energy started when she was in grad school. As a dancer she had developed chronic knee problems, at that time the next step was exploratory surgery, her response was "is there another option?" and someone mentioned that a healer, Dr. Olga Worrel, was coming to Berkeley. Beverly went and Dr. Olga put her hands on Beverly's knees, they felt warm and her knees became quite warm and then the pain was gone. The pain never did return. Was it simply the "biology of belief"? the placebo effect? which is certainly legitimate if it works, if it is lasting, who cares how you get better? Or was there more to it? Some interesting experiments took place using bacteria (presumably immune to the biology of belief) and healers, including the fab Dr. Olga. The bacteria were heat shocked then different healers, mostly Reiki practitioners, would try to keep them from dying. Mostly the bacteria just died. Dr. Olga was able to save some. However if a healer worked on a human then went straight to bacteria, results improved, also healers who were used to working on animals did quite well with the bacteria. There was definitely something going on. 

These days BR is working with an imaging device called GDV, this device uses the emission of light from the fingers and a software program that utilises various body mapping systems (Korean Hand Acupuncture, Chinese Meridian System, etc...) to produce a  picture of the electro-bio-field of the subject. One could also say "aura". (It is important to note that every indigenous culture in the world has had an "energy" view of life, it has been science that has truncated us from our roots.) A good bio-field is regular and even. Many of BR's experiments have to do with practitioners of a type of Qi Gong called "Wild Goose", which produces quite a nice field. In one quite telling series she showed the scattered uneven field of a beginning practitioner before attending class, then the same person with a lovely even and enhanced field after just one hour of practice. The long term practitioners seemed to maintain their good fields throughout the day. BR is of the opinion that any kind of energy practice, be it Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, meditation or even Ba Gua   (this was my addition since it is, err, my practice) is good for the field. Her example it is heartening as it shows beginners can benefit immediately. 

Once you can shift the energy then physiology and biology follow; the bio-field is the bridge between the mind and body. A few more items from my notes: Korotov, the developer of GDV, found that there was a burst of light from the body at death, presumably the soul; intuitives have a permeable bio-field; the healers with splotchy bio-fields were healed as they healed their patients; don't forget we are an open system, you've got more microbes in you than human cells; Before and after pics of Qi Gong healers showed an energy build-up then a draining in the liver and colon area from the healer because they were using their own Dan Tian energy; Reiki healing does not deplete the practitioner, (but is not so reliant on the intent of the healer -my addition).
Stuff that messes with your bio-field are electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers, power lines, electronic devices, that sort of thing). So what can you do, other than start your Tai Chi practice? there is a device that BR likes, there is science behind it and good studies. Q Link is it's name and here is a link to their site. The Q Link uses a crystal oscillator that is in sympathetic resonance to strengthen the bio-field in the presence of stresses. BR shared a case of a woman who was very sensitive to EMFs- when working on a computer she would get fatigue, decreased brain function, tense stiff, headachey. Then she put on a Q Link and went to work on her laptop and her field got better, better from even from her "normal" status.

Next time Iodine and The Thyroid with Dr. David Brownstein.


M.Kate said...

I really should start on that Qigong and my yoga mats been well used..for lying down in the office due to the tailbone problem Heheh...big hugs for the weekend :p

Anonymous said...

I went for my first yoga class 2 days ago :D Wonder how my bio-field looked after the class hee hee

Elizabeth said...

Great post.
I am a great believer in alternative forms of healing - -not all of them of course -- but I feel that mainstream medicine , particularly in the US, has gone in a very bad direction.
I am looking at your cabbage post below.
It looks like a person with arms upstreached!
Happy weekend.

Mary-Laure said...

Fascinating. Go alternative medicine!

Rabbits' Guy said...

I didn't do too good in Physics class either. Sorry to be sitting in the back shooting spit wads. I juat can't get engaged ...

d. moll, said...

M. Kate: you could get back to Yoga by doing the "Corpse Pose." :~D.
FB:I bet it looked great !
E and ML: Always good to have options.
RG: Maybe a couple little seeds of ideas will settle in, (splat) well,maybe not.

Rabbits' Guy said...

I promise to pay more attention to Iodine and the Thyroid. ....

tlc illustration said...

Isn't it interesting that modern science (our current secular 'theology') has discounted so much that has been a given across time and cultures? That makes no good sense to me either.

I know that I have personally and tangibly been impacted for good by various energetic modalities - so tangibly that their 'existence' is not in question in the slightest. Although that is not something easily conveyed to those who have not experienced something similar.

The Q Link sounds like a good thing.

Thanks again for your notes/report.