Friday, October 17, 2008

Tagged: 6 Random Things

We got tagged by Furrybutts, so here are 6 random things.

1.Tyler's favorite activity.

That would be Tyler on the left..

2. 3 famous people whose paths I have crossed. 1-Lou Harrison: I used to be his "personal assistant" taking dictation, dealing with correspondence, arranging tours and performances, 
even cleaning his house, the efficacy of which he checked with white gloves. Like his other PA's I only lasted a bit more than a year, it was an amazing job that left one exhausted, or as Lou used to say "augustipooped".  2- Tommy Smothers of the comic team "The Smothers Brothers"; I bottled wine at his winery for a couple summers. I rose to the exalted position of chief filler. Often Tommy would bop by wearing his tennis togs. One year the weather was over 100 degrees, we were sweltering and he would NOT let us jump in his pool. 3-David Bryne was within 6 feet of me in London. I was recovering from food poisoning got from Fish and Chips and suddenly felt I couldn't handle the Tube station with the crowds and noise and smells, without vomiting forth. Rushing up to street level like a breaching whale I saw him getting into a cab, I  was terribly excited and all thoughts of vomit left my mind.

Portrait of the artist as a young artist.

3. Here I am at 8 or 9 or so with a cat I made out of bread, now that's random....

4. My great great grandmother was a lady in a proper English mansion with servants and gardeners and such. She fell in love with one of the gardeners. The union was not looked upon kindly so she stole some of the family jewels and they ran (sailed really) off to New York City where she ran a boarding house and he worked as a policeman. He was so strong that he lifted a horse off the street during a snow storm.

5. 3 favorite "self help" books: Oil Pulling by Bruce Fife, Take a Nap Change Your Life by Sara Mednick, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. 


6. Tyler and Sydney disapprove when toys that lose their bells.

Tyler and Sydney are under a wicker rocker that 
nobody ever sits in and seems to exist only for rabbits......

If you have read this far, please, consider yourself tagged! If you'd like to play that is.....Don't forget to pick-up your "I love your blog" badge. I figure if you've stuck this one out to the end that I probably do love your blog !!!! 

Peace, Love and Understanding to All,
D and the Spots


Anonymous said...

Yikes, white gloves! It always feel as though mother-in-law is wearing an invisible pair of white gloves each time she comes over :p

Wow, that's a wonderful story about your great great grandparents. Its like something out of a romance novel!

Say hi to T & S.. and stuff the bell back into their toy quickly, before they bring the house down with their disapproval!!

M.Kate said...

firstly, a big hug to T and S, bunnies life is always good under a wicker :D

Love that picture of you..budding artist in the making obviously. and WOW, what a story about your great grandmother, sounds like fairy tale but love does conquers all :D

much love and hugs!!

bunnygirl said...

Cadbury is totally in agreement on the importance of bells and good craftsmanship.

Cool story about your great-great-grandmother! I just love old stories like that--those people were real, not at all like their stodgy photographs.

Crafty Green Poet said...

interesting post, specially the story about your great-great-grandmother. Lovely bunny photos too.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Are you sure you didn't just make up some of that???? Especially the horse part???

Bunnnies and bells ... yes ... bells ring in the middle of the night here sometimes!

Anonymous said...

like dogs disapprove of toys that lose their squeakers... only because the dog destroys them... sigh

Mary-Laure said...

I love your grandma's story!

And I adore The bunnies of course.

Glenna said...

What a fascinating bunch of stuff! Love it all, especially the pics of the bread cat and the most hysterical disapproving rabbits. I'll have to pick up on 6 random things tomorrow or so.