Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Bunday

What's this? An attempt to market quantum physics to rabbit fans? Or just a cute cover. This little book, an acquisition of Boyfriend, carries the following endorsement from Michio Kaku (you know, the guy who wrote Hyperspace, Parallel Worlds and Einstein's Cosmos)  "Mr. Bruce is our expert guide on a wild, thought-provoking ride through the Twilight Zone world of Quantum theory, where objects can be two places at the same time, disappear and reappear somewhere else and exist simultaneously in many parallel universes." But wait, we already know rabbits, appear and disappear and exist simultaneously, and have pictures to prove it on Sticky Buns. Thanks to Rabbits Guy from Houseful of Rabbits, Sticky Buns got a new look and is looking. good. If you would like to play Sticky Buns here is the lowdown. You don't have to have a rabbit to play this public art rabbit game, just borrow a rabbit photo and get hopping.

The Name of the Game: Sticky Buns
The Mission: To create awareness of the wonderful house bunnies which fill our lives with so much joy!
The Modus Operandi: Stick pictures of your beloved bunnies (actually any bunny will do, it's OK to use someone else's bunny is this way) in public places, the stranger the place, the better! Just don't break any laws....or if you do bring extra bunny stickers for the jail cell.
The How-To's:
1. Print picture of rabbit on sticker paper or any paper you desire.
2. Find a spot to stick your rabbit (the picture, NOT the actual rabbit).
3. Snap a photo to show where the rabbit sticker has been placed.
4. Post photo on blog.
5. Visit either A Houseful of Rabbits or The Qi Papers, and leave a comment to inform us there is a Sticky Bun posted.
6. We will collect the picture from your blog and it will be posted on Sticky Buns. Your buns will be famous!
7. If you don't have a blog leave Email at the above blogs and we will contact you in that way.


divakitty said...

We've got to get DKM off her butt and get our pictures out there. Oh and we're pretty sure Syd is a pika and not a bun since she doesn't like bananas.

Glenna said...

We've posted pictures of Savannah at Eye of the Needle. Pink and Elvis are busy wondering who the new family member is, so the allowed Savannah to do the honors. I've told RG also.

The Bunns said...

We believe in Schroedingers rabbits .. we think they live here!

Rima said...

I actually have heard of Schroedinger's Rabbits!
I have a book on quantum theory that I am trying to get through slowly!
Well done on the fab etsy shop and first sale! It looks great.
Love the netsuke and other sculpture below too :)
Hope you are well and happy... keep meaning to send you an acupuncture report... it is going very well :)

PJ said...

Monday Bunday is always a good day.
Today is Tuesday and we just now got back from our trek to Graceland and Tupelo where "The Dave" met up with "The Kang". I'll have his sojourn posted in a day or two. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's work/fun!

Mary-Laure said...

Great book cover! Bunnies bunnies, bunnies everywhere...

M.Kate said...

I'd love the idea of sticky bunns :D Will get into it when the break is over, kiss the bunnies for me ;p

furrybutts said...

How cute! I've never seen a book on physics with bunnies on the cover!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I've got Schrodingers Kittens, I'll look out for the rabbits.

divakitty said...

There is actually one variety of quince that can be eaten raw but most need to be cooked. Once cooked they are so delish! Next time take them,roast them with butter and honey - it's fabulous. They turn a lovely redish orange color when cooked.

FrecklesandDeb said...

"Just don't break any laws....or if you do bring extra bunny stickers for the jail cell." Funny, funny!