Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back From China


Although he has claimed to hate cameras and photography
he did manage to take quite a few pictures and it was nice for his old mom (that would be me) to able to see some portions of his journey.


                                                                                                                        He really captured some excellent images. I keep telling him he has a lovely sense of composition, even though it is not exactly what a teenager wants to hear.                                               
He said he had no complaints, so I guess it was an awesome tour.
 Highlights were the Great Wall and the Acrobats, 
 and, of course the food, each meal better than the last; Peking Duck, The 18 course Bun Banquet, and Mongolian BBQ. Downsides, though not bad enough to register a formal complaint seem to have been lack of drinking water (for sale only), heat,
 and the amount of attention a 6'5" white guy gets in a country
 where the average height for a male is 5'6". 
 He did observe to his dismay gross pollution
 notably the air in Beijing (bodes not well for atheletes)
 and the Yangtze River. I post here some of the monument and architectural type photos. 

All photos photos courtesy of Dexter Simmons, enjoy!


archi's mum said...

schweet! never had that kind of senior trip opportunity! very nice photos too

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Yeah, I never had a Sr. trip, guess I'll have to wait until I am the other kind of Senior! I haven't actually had a vacation for eons, so am thrilled to have the vicarious experience of Dex's photos.

Rima said...

Hi Diana.. thanks for visiting my blog :) Your son's trip to China looks really great..
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Many thanks :)
All the best.. Rima

Rabbits' Guy said...

Those are great photos ... China from the on-high eyes of a teenaged American boy. (Where are the girls?)

A trip to China must be way better than a gazillion lectures, stories, or State Department reports!